Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have one very wet

and very pissed off kitty.
I pull up to the curb, from taking the kids to school in time to see Petie grab a bird out of the air. The poor thing was stunned to say the least. Petie hunkered down next to it, and waited for us to pass. Kimberly says "what's petie doing to the bird Mama?" I said he was trying to catch it, and I shuffled the two littler ones into the house. I walk across the lawn toward the cat and bird, and the little bugger arches up to greet me. His eyes never moved from the bird who was now wet as well, but none the less, petie was happy to see me...Until I picked him up to give the bird a fighting chance. I already have 4 parakeets, I didnot need a cow bird to nurse back to health. As I stood there holding the cat and contemplated the fate of the bird, he took off. As he did Petie growled in my arms....Lying mext to me is petie, after a quick bath, starting to doze off, dreaming about the one that got away.... (stupid human interference)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I do have a lot to post...

but my time has been consumed with other junk...

First, let me send a shout out to my girl patti! Hope you have a speedy recovery! will be thinking of you, and you know you can call on the PLP for help with anything, although we might need to be schooled on how to drive your mower.... lol Love ya'hunny!!