Saturday, April 25, 2009


we have an arms length worth or outside things to get done. First on the list, is painting the trellis. Petie's hang out. That should be an interesting feat... then 2 yeards of mulch need to be put in the garden... ugh.
I am debating on wether or not to put the cat in the house when we commense to painting, because I cannot imagine it will be easy to get paint out of his fur....

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have decided,

that after many comments, that I will indeed wirte a book about Petie. I *might* need some help with the editing, but I have decided.
So to all of you who like to read about him, stay tuned, someday you might be able to read about him in print, not just on my blog. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


with a hang over.
I swear he drools.


first. There was an ad in the Martha Stewart magazine for May, to send in your best kitty photo. Of course I will submit one pf Petie, but the question now is: which one?? I mean there are so many to choose from.... I will have to think on that and give you a few to choose from.
Second. I sent away for a "can you write children's books" test. Of course once again you know that the topic will be Petie. Wonder if it should be moved to young adult... I mean I could make it "G", but then I would have to eliminate the furry middle finger that he likes to fly at me, and the murdering and the... hmmm. On second thought if I do that, then it just is not Petie, now is it? We'll see if I pass the test first. I will have to have someone do my typing since the brain works faster than the fingers and that tends to cat ch up with me... See Diane, i did find something to occupy "all my free time"
and last but not least, and totally not petie related, I have some pictures of the kids to add... We went to lockridge park on Sunday.
Kimberly got her costume on Saturday for ballet. She is dancing to "Someday my prince will come". The pictured from the studio will cost me a small fortune, so I decided to take my own. I mean, *sometimes* I do know what I am doing... lol
Here are just a few: bare in mind, of all of the 458 pictures I took, I think I like about a dozen or so. Kimberly either would not look at me, or she would not smile. I think I have ONE where she is looking AND smiling. The boys however, were MUCH more willing participants.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

this has been Petie's

favorite past time as of last. I was just explaining to some girls I chat with, that today, I saw people walking down my street, and when they got to the rose arbor at the end of my walk, they would stop, point and laugh. I just shook my head and walked away, because I knew what they were laughing at. Petie likes to get on top of the arbor and poke his little paws through, and attack andything and everything that comes his way.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Petie escapes solitary

and goes on a murdering spree. so far, one mouse, one snake and one bird..... news at 11.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the VET.....

ok, so I thought I would give an update on Petie... Here is what his toe looked like:
so it is not aw swollen here as it was, but off to the vet we went. We get there, and the vet takes a look... The chainsaw had been thwarted.

no Kevlar. no blood... Of course, they were ready for him, his chart was open on the exam table, with a bunch of red caution stickers all over it.... Maybe they knew? maybe they read my other vet blog post here...
they decided to give him a shot of penicillin, that would last two weeks, and lets add insult to injury (literally) they gave him a rabies shot... The tech came in to help. (all 98 lbs of her) and she was leaning on a hissing, spitting, growling ready at any moment to morph into a chainsaw kitty...I mean all 98 lbs was leaning on him, and he was still climbing out of the towel they were using (I told them they would need the Kevlar)... shots accomplished, and Petie stowed safely in his box, it was time to go. He growled the whole time I was at the front counter paying for his torture. He growled the whole way home. (man, he can hold a grudge, and I even laced the box with catnip, to help ease his pain) I brought him inside, and cautiously opened the box, lest I loose a finger...
we were told to soak his foot in Epsom salt every night, which means, I will be wearing said salt solution. He is on day 3 of house arrest and in foul humor. The birds were out in full force today at all the feeders, have a grand time.
I have a feeling when he is off of house arrest several things will happen. One, he will go on a killing spree. Two- I doubt we'll see him for a night or two...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


has to go to the vet today. Yesterday, his hind foot was insanely swollen, and he will put weight on it, but not much. I soaked it is epsom salt last night, as per the vet. Well, let me rephrase. I soaked my self in epsom salt yesterday, while petie snickered. After "soaking" (ie: me wearing more that he did) I did see where his boo-boo is, and it looks like he ripped his one toe nail. Today, the toe is kind of oozey, which is supposed to happen from soaking in the epsom salt. (so the vet said) This morning, he has an appointment at 9:45 for the vet. I warned then to have the kevlar handy. I am not sure they believe me. Am I a bad pet owner, if I bring my camera??