Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Speed Racer!!

So, when we were kids, Dana and I both watched a cartoon called "speed Buggy". It was this great cartoon about this dune buggy race car. Well, Alex has also taken to this cartoon, when we watch it on occasion.
We went to a car show last weekend, in Perkasie, and had a ton of fun. The most exciting part, was when Alex found speed buggy. He got all excited and pulled Dana over to see it, and then wanted to have his picture taken in front of it. Well, OK, maybe it was ME that wanted to have his picture taken in front of it.
Tonight, they are going to Macungie, to a car show/parade there. Such a guy thing to do, and I am glad they are going to do it together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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So, when we get board, we try and find things to do, which may, or may not be exciting, depending on who's turn it is to pick, and what their definition of exciting is. Last week, Dana and I decided to take the kids to see a tank in Red Hill, I think it is, parked in front of the VFW. kinda fun, Kinda big, and semi educational, for some. It was something different to do, on a hot night, and the kids enjoyed it.
Not really a lot to tell, just thought the kids against the sheer size of it was cool. Wonder if we can get one of those, when they start to drive...

Ringing rocks...

we took the kids to Ringing Rocks State Park. It is a place, where you tap rocks with your hammer, and they "ring".
So, we loaded everyone up, equipped with hammers and off we went. We were there years ago with my niece and her cousin, when Alex was about 6 months old. The girls had fun.
He has a better time this time. Dana took him out on the boulder field, and let him tap away. Can I just tell you they loved it? What's not to love? Whacking rocks with a hammer, is high on any kids list. After that, we decided to take them on a hike. OF coarse, we had to hit every rock we saw, with a hammer, to see if it too would ring. I did manage to get them all to sit still, for 2.5 seconds, to get a pic of them all together. We realized, that this park is actually closer to our house than we thought. Funny, it took us 45 min. to get there, and only 20 to get home...Sometimes, we are both a little blond...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I have got so

much to share with you all- and still on the hunt for the missing software- good news, I think I found it, bad news, no time today to install. Taking a minate to just say, hang tight, it is on its way. We have had a busy few weeks, and LOTS to show you. Ringing Rocks Park, Car show in Perkasie (Hi Steph, and Gwyn and crew, and Andrew looks JUST like you BTW). Hope all is well- the rat race of class begins next week, and then KINDERGARTEN for Alex. Where did the time go?
Ethan has a Ped. check up, and was 28 lbs, and 36 inches. He is off the charts in height. (so suprised...?!?!?!) and in the 70th percentile for weight, so we have another string bean. :) So frickin' cute though. (Little secret, Kimberly is 32 lbs)ha ha. other than that, pretty mundane- but loads going on.
Peace, Out-

Monday, August 13, 2007

For those of you

that read my blog on a regular basis- thank you. I am finding out, that I have more readers than just family, and am tickled that you want to share in the mundaness (is that really a word?) that is our lives right now.
For the moment, I have no pictures to post. Wait, back up, rephrase. I have NO software loaded on my laptop, to load pictures on to, so that I might share them with you. I always have pictures. I took some pretty good ones recently too. So, this will need to tide you over, until I find the software to reload. it isn't lost actually, just in the soft sided case of my laptop, that I have seemed to have misplaced.- or perhaps it was one of my three gremlins... (that would make a great title for a t.v. show...)Yet I digress. I am hoping all of you are having a good day, and i will post pics soon, I promise.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Luggage cart Luge

ok- I said I was going away for a few days to "scrap". well, I did go away, and "scrapped". in our down time, we needed to entertain ourselves. Heidi and Carley decided to start a new sport- luggage cart luge. well, it all started out good, everyone hanging on, and then the wheels would move, and they would hit the curb. Good news, no one got hurt. Bad news? never made it to the LUGE part. Oh well. there is always January, when we go back. Wonder if the resort would mind, if we poured water down the road, to help with our track... we had a bunch of fun, some of us broke door knobs, some of us peed our pants literally laughing, and some of us had a great time. To all the girls in the possee out there- I am sending out a big shout out, and heidi, depends are on their way!