Thursday, November 5, 2009

oh, the indignity of it all....

Ok, I have been telling myself, I will get these Petie tales out to his public, but then life is getting in the way. It is life getting in the way of me having to play referee to Petie and the kittens. One of which is sitting under me as we speak meeping at me and purring his little heart out. I have missed the sound they make. Sounds like a bunch of nails in an old tin can. LOVE it.
Petie, well, he is still rather pissy. I mean, he has been taking it out on the critters he has been catching. He does not only kill them, this time, he consumes 1/2 of them, and leaves the other half on the side walk for us to find. Ethan found half the other day. Squish.... Blech. Thanks, Petie.
Then there is Pete defending his bed. He would sleep on our bed every now and again, but he was not a regular there. That has not changed much. The kitten however, LOOOVE our bed. One night, not that long ago, I scooped up petie and decided that I would take him into bed with me. I did not see Oscar and Felix trailing along behind me. Petie did. He would grousing the whole way. I put him on the bed, and started to pet him. I turned my back for a second, and i heard this horrible hissing. I turned around and saw that Oscar had jumped on the bed, and Petie was having no parts of it. He smacked Oscar so hard, he fell off the bed. You would think that Oscar would leave well enough alone, right? Wrong. He would stand on his hind feet and just pop up and "look" at Petie, which would send Petie into a fit of hissing and spitting and smacking. Petie started to loose his grip and he was sliding off the bed. He dug into the blankets with his back claws, and continued to smack, hiss and spit. Oscar must have been highly amused, because he kept it up. Talk about Puppy dumb. Well, Oscar decided he had had enough, right at the same time Petie slid off the bed. Oscar ran up the hall way, and Petie was right behind him. RUNNING three legged, hissing, spitting and smacking the whole way. I have never seen a cat run three legged that fast before. He delivered a thumping to Oscar the whole way.
Things had simmered down some, until.... Petie had gone outside. It was cold, so he decided to come in. While he was out, the hubs moved Petie's crack den upstairs. This was done for two reasons... One. so the kittens would stop scratching on my sofas. Two, so they would play with it. And play they do.
Yet I digress. So, petie comes inside, and is rather pleased to see his crack den upstairs. He runs over to it, and scales the side with ease, only to come to a screeching halt when he gets to the top. There on the top curled into a tight ball, is Oscar. Snoozing away, blissfully unawares. Petie Hisses, which in turn wakes up the sleeping babe. he hauls his fat arse up to the top level and Oscar hopped down to the tube below. (good move on Oscar's part) I put some catnip on top, to soothe my savage beast, and he took to squirreling round on the nip. Well, while squirreling around, his tail fell. Oscar took that opportunity, to smack said tail, which in turn made Petie do a 180 to see what the hubbub was. He leans his face over to see what was smacking his tail. Not only did he see Oscar, but he got smacked, RIGHT IN THE NOSE by Oscar's paw. Hubs and I thought for sure, there would be blood shed, or at the very least we would find Oscar on the side walk in the morning, with his entrails being extrails.... He tried to smack him back, but to no avail. Oscar is to little, and he is fast.
so far Petie 0 Oscar 1
and, Oscar, each time I open the door to let in or out a dog, he races for the outside.
sorry little man, you need to form an alliance with petie first.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


a post. It has been a while. For those of you wondering,. Petie is alive and well, in fact I am composing some new stories about him right now. However, he needs to take a back seat to Halloween. Dana make his costume again, and won best costume at the party. I was the chick who helped marilyn manson. I think I made a rather good dead chick...and I took the pic myself.