Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just got a 100 on my final!! I was the first one done and i thought I bombed it!

'nuff said!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the problem with being

I was busy today, typing the paper that is due tomorrow (with PLENTY of time to spare) anyhow, when I was finished, I went to back door to let in the dog. It was a rather nice day out, so he was on the deck. Petie strolls in. He goes immediately to the fridge and when it will not open automatically, he looks at me and yowls. I put my hand down to pet him. You remember, right? The time I posted about his arching up to meet us, when we were petting him... anyhow, he arches up on his tippy toes to meet my hand. Somehow is all the antics, he lost his footing. How I have no idea, he has the largest back feet I have seen. (Bugs Bunny would be envious) Petie falls backward, and as to not fall, he takes a step back, RIGHT into the dog's water bowl. His WHOLE backside. Feet, tail, and tush now dripping with water. Not just any water, but water that has been contaminated by those slobbery mutts that he has to put up with. I am sorry, but I stood there, looking at this pathetic sopping wet cat and laughed. I mean out and out belly laugh. Priceless. His ears went IMMEDIATELY flat. He turned, stuck his tail up in the air, went through the doggie door, and stompped down the satirs. Have you ever heard a cat stomp?? he sounded like a herd of elephants.... Wonder if he will arch up to meet our hands anymore?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

want to see what

melts my heart? Every time?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

this post is not for the

squeamish. So I will refrain from posting a picture at the top, and let you read a bit, before seeing the shots. Yesterday was a lovely day out side. We were out the whole afternoon. I pruned my blackberry jungle, and as I was tossing the dead canes into a pile, Petie came alone, and thought is was his own personal jungle gym. Goofy cat. He has this habit, when he goes up to something to "hug"it (cat people will know exactly what I am taking about) and he arches up waaaaaay high on his tippy toes. He sees the dog, and goes over to hug her. He misnegotiated the space however, and while arching and bumping his head into her, he looses his footing and goes ass over tea kettle, missing the dog completely. He jumps to his feet, smacks at the dog, and marches back to the patio. Poor dolly, she's old. She's deaf. She really doesn't care... anyhow, she hauls her old self (she has a touch of arthritis) up off the patio to come see what I am doing, still wrangling the blackberry bush. While she is hauling herself up, Petie starts to stalk her. he plows into her going 240, and as he is about to make impact, she moves. Petie has been thwarted again. He tumbled to the ground, AGAIN. (I swear he skipped the chapter about cats always landing on their feet.)
Anyhow, I move out front, because the kids want to ride bikes.

This is where you squeamish folks need to look away

Anyhow, thoroughly ticked, Petie takes all his aggression out on a snake that he happened to find. Where exactly he found it I have no idea, but find it he did. He showed us his talent for taking it and tossing it in the air. He showed us he could pick it up one paw'd. He showed us he can sit on it.
(don't ask) but most of all, he showed us he can play with it, and just walk away, being the "bigger cat" and all...

Now, you would think that seeing Petie with a snake would catch me a bit off guard. Nope, not in the slightest. The only time my furry companion has caught me off guard was last summer. I was weeding my one flower bed, which was full of tall, bushy flowers. Here I am, elbows deep in the plants, getting the weeds. petie comes dashing into the plants right next to me. Not really thinking much of it, (let's face it, this IS petie we're talking about) anyhow, out pops Petie, right next to me (about an inch from my nose) with a long, dangly, slithery garter snake in his mouth. That caused me to jump and fall on My keester. Had he not dove into the plants, I most likely would have grabbed a handful of snake (**shudder**) while weeding. How exactly he saw this thing I will never know, but he rescued me... lol

he did not "harm" the snake. He merely "wounded" the snake, and dh had to "harm" said snake....

The things we do in the name of Petie...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thought I would

share... I got my mid term back last night, and I got an A- on it!! woo-hoo. I was kinda nervous about it, it was 5 questions and each answer had to be two pages.... well, I dont think I hit 2 pages on all the questions, but she said if we could answer it coherently in less, that was fine! PHEW! She also gave us an extension from next Tues, to next Sunday for our papers... Hmmmm... Don't worry, I am still planning on getting my paper done for next Tues, I want it out of my hair! I have a final tomorrow night. Not to worries, it is open book, open note...
ok, off to do some research!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

have you ever

had a hangover?? There has been a time or two, that I *might* have had a wee bit to much to drink. When I (or dh) have partook in too may libations, what tastes very good the next day, is a McDonald's coke. not Diet coke. Not iced tea, coke. Plain old fashioned coke. Perhaps it is the syrup to bicarbonate ratio. I am not really sure what it is. It just tastes soooooo good.
Anyhow, Petie did not come in the other night. Little lout. I worried my head off. he strolls in at 8:15 a.m....
I take the kids to school, and come back in, and This was the sight I saw...Petie. Hung over. From staying out to late. Hung over from to much carousing with the boys.
guess this is his McDonald's coke??

Saturday, March 14, 2009

remember back in

November, where I shared the experience with you, of Petie's first vet visit?? Ok, so picture it. Kids are out side riding bikes on the sidewalk, freck is chasing the Frisbee, and Petie is up his favorite tree. Dh gets the idea, that we should take the kids to the school playground, which is literally right around the corner from the house.we start out, and Petie follows us, all stalkingly like. I ignore him, thinking he will turn around once he gets two housed down, and we don't pay aby attention to him.
we get to the stop sign, and turn to go over the bridge. Petie comes flying out of no where, and comes to a skidding halt, right on the bank of the creek- which by the way of full of water. We cross the bridge, and we think that he will now have to turn around, because he is not going to cross the creek, right? Wrong.
He came around the corner and when we looked, he was over the bridge. Still ignoring him, we cross the street, the kids, the dog, dh and I. Surely he will give up and go home. no such luck.
So, as I watch Petie cross the street, dh says Call him, pick him up, put him in the house and come back and play. Ok, so the little twerp comes over to me, after a bit of coaxing. I stroke his back,and pick him up. I start to walk for home and I feel Petie tense up in my arms. I mean, it felt like rigamortice set in. Rut-roh. I should have known better. Petie went into all out chainsaw mode. He was NOT happy, that I had foiled his plan to go on a walk with the fam. He scratched, he hissed, he spit.... I hung on for dear life, at least until I crossed the street and crossed the bridge, so he would not be in harms way. not before he managed to sink his fangs into my knuckles several times... We came back home shortly there after, and after we got every one inside, I called for Petie, who was by the fence in the front yard. I swear I got the furry middle finger in several different languages.

Friday, March 13, 2009

it has been a while

since I updated my blog. Sorry about that. Everyone has been asking what has petie been up to. No Good. lazy good for nothing, (except maybe a few laughs)He is a brat. Capital B, little rat. When I go to class on Tuesday and Thursdays, Dana does things with the kids. And, of course, Petie. This one day, maybe a few weeks ago, he lets Petie in, and then, coaxes him up on the shelf. Yes, the shelf. This is the shelf by my front door. Doesn't he look just absolutely board out of his ever lovin' pea pickin' little mind??

here, he is, contemplating jumping up on my curtain rod... He'd better not.
After being sufficiently board with this antic, he went to the other side of the room, to that shelf...

perhaps his whiskers got to close to the light bulb. Perhaps there was a stink bug buzzing around in there... what ever the case, he hopped off, and wen to the basement, and his crack den.
Enough about that little rascal. Remember me telling you a few months ago, that Petie was trying to chase a Bird from inside the house, and ran into the window? I thought I would show you a picture of the source of Petie's angst.
Notice how he looks like he is taunting the cat. At the time the photo was taken, Petie was lying in my bay window, tail twitching back and forth rather quickly.
OK, moving on. This blog was originally started, to share things about the kids, with all my relatives and friends. Somehow, it has been monopolized by one silly cat, and some other various pets. I swear, the kids are fine....
to prove that fact, below is a picture of them, with half of their matchbox collection, spread out on the living room floor. HALF. Sigh. and last, but really not least is Freckles. I usually do not post about the dog. I am not normally a dog person. But Freck... He will play Frisbee all day. I took him out yesterday and played Frisbee with him. This was him afterward, cooling off... First, let me just say, that he is a honest to goodness Border Collie. He is red, and his ears don't flop like most normal collies. He fits in perfectly with this, because I am not sure anyone in my family is normal. Have you MET my sister?? yet I digress... Anyhow, Freck... You could radio Moscow with those ears. For real. And the tongue... the tongue is to long for his beak. Yes, I said beak. Look at it... long and kinda pointy... looks like a beak to me.

Notice how it is lobbing out of the side of his mouth. He could care less. Big dope. He is great with the kids, so I cannot complain. And, he can catch a Frisbee like no body's business!
I have some other pics I want to post, but they are lost in the abyss which is my laptop. I will need to weed through and then post.
So there you have it. An updated post with all the news that's fit to print. Not really a witty story, or bits of kitty wisdom, just plain mundaneness.