Sunday, December 6, 2009

what brings me joy these days.....

Petie. With out him I would not be nearly as entertained as I usually am. He is doing just fine, and up to his usual antics. Yesterday, we got some snow. not a ton of snow,but snow none the less. Well while out with the kids, the hubs observes petie. He would crook his tail straight around, and speed in the snow just as fast as he could go (and he has put on a *few* holiday pounds)and slide and rip around and tear back the other way. He came in SOPPING wet. Sopping. I thought cats didn't like to get wet??
So, later on, he got Oscar inside a paper bag, and kept jumping on it. REPEATEDLY. Then, while Oscar would try and attack Petie's tail, while he ate, petie would take so much, then we would hear "Thump", which would be Oscars head being thumped into the wall.... I swear I have not laughed this hard in a long time.
Go check out Aud's blog... She has quite a few adventures herself. So, get a mug of your favorite stuff, curl up and enjoy!