Monday, November 19, 2007

here it is...

As I told you, I as going to dye my hair. I LOVE it. ok Rachael, it's your turn!!!! hee hee
thanks Marlene! Love having great friends around to help out.
Other news, I passed ALL my praxis exams. I got my scores back on Friday. I am soooo glad that is finished. One more hurdle down. Several more to go. Getting there, bit by bit.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Aunt painted

this portrait of Kimberly, and mailed it to me just the other day. I was very suprised when I opened the package and took this out. It is beautiful and the pic desnt do it justice. There is so much detail in the painting, it is amazing. I am trying to dig up the pic from which she painted it from, but that will have to wait for another day, my prof just emailed me, and took 3 days from my due date. AAAAAARRRRGHHH

I am happy to

report, that I just sent off 9 pges to my prof, for his agonizing reading pleasure... ha ha. They will get bounced back to me no doubt, with a zillion things to be revised, but for tonight, I can enjoy the fat I am almost half finished. Not all I need to do, is a powerpoint presentation, so I have visuals for the bord o english to gaze upon, as they sit mezmerized but my fantabulous paper.... oh, back to reality, haha.
Bugs- great poem, honored that you would post it on my blog. and to anonomyous, who didnt like the way I seplled penguinEs. I rather like the E there. Yes I did use spell check, and it did not flag it. I think the E makes it more fun. more romantic. ha ha so, now to contemplate what to do with the rest of my evening, EXCEPT revise, and re type and redo. Perhaps I will find this great little scrapbook store, and scrap. anyone know where I might find one of those????? heeee heeeeee

Thursday, November 8, 2007

so it says

on my can of XXL Monster (liquid smarties in a can) that you should consume no more than 2 a day. Myself, I favor the 22 oz ers. the 12 oz one says the same thing. hmmm... makes a person wonder, which one to believe. Myself, I will opt for the 22 oz's of smartie goodness. Looks like I am going to be pulling alot of late nights, trying to put coherent, rational thoughts on paper. May, or may not be coherent, or organized (yeah, go fig on that one)but at least I will be wide awake while spouting out drivel. Drinking a couple of monsters, is like drinking a Gimlet. well, maybe that is a stretch, nothing compares to Goose, unless of course,you are talking Belvedere.(right Laura??) ha ha ha.
I have 6 pages down, only 14 more to go, but I can't seem to move the block from out of my head, and if I do not get something accomplished, I swear, I will have a posse after me... ha ha. now that you all know what I am not doing, guess I had better get to it. And Marlene, I will still love you, even if my hair turns out purple. :)besides, Rachael said she would do it if I did, so maybe she can join us in some dying fun... Gunna stop tomorrow, and stock up on Monster....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Peace to all

Ambidexterous penguines. That was my phrase I was most noted for saying in High school, although it was not the one posted in the year book. Funny how something so simple can come full circle. I have found that as of late, toxic things have been surfacing, be it people, or papers being due, and today I was just told the deadline for my paper has been moved up. And funny, lots of people have rallied around me, to offer support, and encouragement. People I had no idea even gave a crap. Those people have offered proofing and editing. (and I so thank them from the bottom of my heart)
and, as for the peace, well, I have been blessed with a best friend, who ALWAYS has my back. I love her for that. I have good friends, who I have surrounded myself with, who are there. Who will give me a giggle or two (thanks mufflers) and let me talk it through, raving loon or not, or those, that want to do an impromptu lunch.
To all of you in my life that mean something to me, and you know who you are, I say this- Peace to ALL ambidexterous penguines.

So, instead of being

productive last night, like I should have been and said I would, I completely goofed off. actually, I sat here, feeling sorry for myself, because once again, it is more revising, and I treated myself with a good dose of Law and Order SVU. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that show, I am COMPLETELY hooked. The WHOLE night wasn't a waste, I talked to my friend Marlene, and she is going to help my dye my hair not this Monday, but the next one. My days as a brunette are numbered... hee hee. So exciting. Worst case scenario, I hate it, and I shave my head... ha ha j/k So, today, I am going to delve into my revisions, and get something coherent together. I have 2 weeks to get it finished. I've got PLENTY of time... ha ha and, I have just added a random pic of my Neice and Kimberly, that makes me smile when I see it. My neice loves Kimberly, and it is recpriocated. what's on your agenda today?

Monday, November 5, 2007

True to my word

I actually completed a page tonight for my paper. 5 down, 15 more to go.... That does not include all the revising I am sure he will require, bet hey- 5 done. I sent them off for editing, and I almost cringe at the results... ha ha. Always good to know a team of people with gud englis skils. ha ha.
and side bar, am thinking of dying my hair red. Not in your face brassy red, but a nice fall red-red. Marlene has offered to help...I think it will be more like a mad scientist experiment, but hey, it's only hair, and if I don't like it, it will grow back, right?
And another side bar-
my neice had her baby on the 4th. 9.8 lbs and 21 inches. Welcome to the world Zoey!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


yup. agony. Plain and simple. I think I would rather have double root canal, no Novocaine...ok, maybe THAT is a bit much, but I think you now have a feeling of my dread... it is that stoopid @$#%$@$@#%%@@ paper that I have to do. There. I said it. out loud even. It had to be 20 pages. I have 3 and 3/4 finished, waiting for the butcher from the prof. OY. I was already told to start over, he didn't like it. He wants this to be the best paper and presentation he has EVER introduced. (GULP) no pressure though. I just need a B. Just one measly B. Is that really to much to ask?? I have sent him what I have written, and I have figured out, I need to write a page a day, to keep him happy. maybe two, if I am feeling saucy. so, no creating for me, until it is done. No calender for mom this year. (unless, by the grace of god, I can actually throw something together in a month). I will begin to student teach in Jan, and I should find out soon, where they are going to place me...
it could be worse you know. Here I am, bitching about something I need to do, for my grade, when a very good friend of ours, Bugs, is facing some not so nice tests in the next few weeks, and possibly brain surgery.So, if you have a few extra prayers, send them his way. He could use them, and I think would appreciate them too. Hopefully he will have some type of laptop available to him while in Jeff, (yes, our Jeff, near the city) so he might be able to be amused by my mundaneness. Good luck Buddy, we're pullin' for you!!
on other news, Prtie is curled up by me, keeping my one foot warm, and occasionally feeling the need to switch sides, walks across my laptop, and goofs it all up.
Also- My niece is in labor, so soon Zoey will make her way into the world. I hope she has a speedy delivery.
And, last, but certainly not least, Kimberly turned 4 today. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, and how big she is. amazing. Where does the time go?? (Petie is now laying on my wrist. have you ANY idea how difficult it is to type with a cat laying on your wrist?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

.What is your favorite movie?

you know the one I mean. The one, that each time it is on t.v., you can't help but watch it. The one that you laugh at the same parts,even though, you know they are coming. Mine, Pretty Woman. Fave part- when he snaps her fingers with the jewlery box. Ok, will admit, I love the whole thing, and always hope that she will end up with him, before he has to go "rescue" her. Love it. it is palyed way to much, but I still watch it. I also like The Wedding Singer. Love stupid humor. I know I said favorite, but since it is my bolg, I can bend the rules, *slightly* :)
So, how bout it, which ONE is it??

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I Passed the first round of praxis tests. So, with that finished, I can actually sub, when I get the level one certification. That should come in three weeks. I can't tell you, what a load off my mind this is. I start my student teaching in Jan, and have no idea, where I am going to be placed. I will let you know, once I know. It is coming down to the wire, and the final countdown. I smell a graduation party, unless I completely hose my student teaching, then I will look into being a professional student... Ha ha. At least I am headed in the right dirrection. I will be glad for Dec 15 to hit- then all my 130 credits will be completed. (Yea). Phew, just had to share. GO ME!!

So, this may be a bit late

but in keeping with fall, I figured I could post it anyway. Two weeks ago, we did the whole pumpkin patch thing. The hay ride, the search for the perfect pumpkin, and then hauling them away, and home. Ethan was more interrested in the rocks, Alex wanted way nmore than he could carry, and Kimberly was busy, delegating to Alex which one she needed, that he should pick up for her, because she had her baby and could not put her down. OY. Such a girl. It was fun, Dana wanted 10 pumpkins to put around the yard for trick or treaters, like we have every year.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

That's all I have for you today. plain and simple. We were at a Halloween party on Sat., and Dana won first place, for his costume. He did it all by himself. Thought you might like to see, and perhaps have a giggle or two.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Up a tree

the lastest thing, that Petie has found he can do. Or, maybe he knew it all along, and he just showed us for the first time. He scmpered right up the tree, and was playing in the branches. He is so stinkin cute, and he has settled right in, as part of the family. HE wants to be out side with us, inside with us, playing and sleeping with us. He has acclimated to the dogs. Not saying he is playing or sleeping with them, but... he atleast doesn't puff up when he sees them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

for those of

you, anxiously awaiting the completion of the dresser, here it is...

Get my toes, mommy

is what Kimberly was saying. Get Peties toes. Get his tail. He has cute toes mommy. Did you get his toes, mommy? Smile pretty mommy. Get my toes, mommy. So you can see, just how much, this small ball of fuzz has impacted all of us. He is so sweet, and wants to play, and sleep, and he wants to be with the kids. he played int he flower garden with them, while I was finishing up the painting I had left to do on the dresser, which is done, and I will post that later on.

back to Petie. Petie will sleep in the middle of the living room floor. he will sleep on me, he will sleep on the couch, he sleeps in book bags. He is just so stinkin cute, and he loves the kids. I love that. Glad he stumbled into our car, :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Right at home...

he has been in the house, not really even 24 hours. Petie is right at home. Amazing. He is getting along with the others. They are not life long bosom buddies yet, but give them time.
Tonight was Alex's birthday. 6. Yup.6. where did that time go? We took him to toys R us, to choose a gift with his birthday $$, and gift card from Toys R us. Loved that, he did.
Petie is curled up in one of the boxes, that contained one toy or another. Sweet.
Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

look what I found

stuck up in the axle of Dana's Firebird. This very affectionate, very young, very sweet kitten. He bonded to the kids right away. While I was painting the drawers for Kimberly's dresser, he curled up in them. He is less than enthused, to discover to dogs, and three older kitties are in his new family. For the moment, we named him Peteie. I mean seriously? How could you say no, to this face??

Monday, October 1, 2007

dresser progress...

I am working on it. I thought I would post a bit, and show you at least the knobs...
they came from Target, and were plain white. I used a rubber stamp, with satz-on ink, and stickles, to put the dots on. I am still thinking about how I want to do the whole thing.

It is sanded... I do have the first coat of a light lavander on it... still debating.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

sending out a long distance hug

to all of you. All my friends, all of my family. To those of you, who could use a good hug, and those of you who are OK on your hug ration. Everyday, Alex goes to kindergarten, and while he is there, Kimberly and Ethan miss him... one of the things they do, will be walk around the living room, going Hug, hug, hug... so they go and hug tight, and then fall over. The fall into a heap of body parts and a fit of giggles. They will do this all morning. It cracks me up right along with them. I am glad that all three are close, and that they love one another. I hope it carries through the rest of their lives. yes, I know i will have sibling rivalry, but for the most part, it isn't that bad.
so to all of you, reading my blog, enjoy this random (((((hug))))).

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Simple Things.

I must admit, I have been rather lax in my blogging. Things have been kinda nutty, with both my folks sick, and Dana out of town, and classes...well, I am happy to report, that both mom and dad are on the mend, Dana made it home safe and sound, and my classes, well, they're still there.
We ran all over God's acre today, searching for yard sales/flea markets (No, I did not buy any fleas...)anyhoo- I digress. Getting home tonight, kids wound tighter than an 8 day top, dinner in hand, at 7:00, we had dinner. (OY!!)
Ethan decided on the way into the house, that he would bring in the pumpkins that are on my stoop. He spent the rest of the evening, carrying around those pumpkins. He loves them. (Thanks Denise!!) They have gone from floor, to table, to couch, to entertainment center, to other couch...(apparently, the pumpkins are traveling all over God's acre- (aka: my living room)as well, as the small tot toting them.) Just watching him, with the grin on his face, and the laughter in his voice, was cool. He is enjoying a gourd. A small Orange symbol of Halloween. I love the way he will squeal PUNKINS at the top of his little voice. Like I said- it's the simple things.

I have been hunting

for a dresser, for Kimberly's room, that I can alter. (I altered three pieces that were my dads, and had seen better days, and they came out cool). So this morning, Dana told me he wanted to go yard saling. (A pastime, that I loathe), but that is another story in and of its self. So anyhow, while driving down the road, we happen to pass one, that had a dresser sitting on the front yard. We stop, and I ask the lady how much. She tells me 5.00. SOLD! (oh, eating crow here) but I am none the less, excited for my find. It is structurally sound, and the one drawer needs the dove tails put back into place, but it works. So, it is sitting on my deck, ad we speak, freshly sanded, and ready for paint. Just not sure how I want to paint it yet. (OOOOOOHHHHHH< the possibilities)... I will, when I am finished, post before and after pick. Perhaps I will have to rethink the whole yard sale thing....

A pig by any other name...

wouldn't smell the same...
We took the kids to Halloweekends, at Dorney Park. They had alot of fun, and played games, and ate food, and... Toward the end of the evening, Ethan was getting so very tired, and was being good, but he would have done better if he had, had his pig. So as were searching for bumper cars, We ran across the lady who will guess your weight (a true lady doesn't divulge that...)or your birthday (again, something to go to the grave) or I forget the third thing. If she lost the question, then you got a prize. In the bins of prizes, were a bunch of pigs. So she offered to guess Ethan's weight. (she wasn't correct) and Ethan won a piggy. Now, I am thinking, it is late, he has his binky, all he needs is his pig, and he'll simmer down, right? Wrong. I gave him his new pig, and he promptly threw it on the ground, under the stroller. (little snit). I picked it up, and put it behind him, since the pig is stretched out, it is more like a piggy pillow. We start to leave, and he really starts to fuss. so, in a moment of desperation, I hand him the pig he won. He gave me this look that said WTF mom?, but, with no choice, he settled for the pig that had just joined the growing population of pigs in Ethan's room. (Dana just brought him one back from his business trip).
Last night, when I went to check on him, he had his head on his new piggy pillow, and the littlest pig squished under him, and one pig under each arm. (how CAN that be comfortable??) It was just the cutest thing ever. I wanted to squeeze him, right then and there, but that would have involved waking a sleeping baby; which is (as many of you know) the first cardinal rule in motherhood- you NEVER under any circumstance, wake a sleeping baby, reguardless of how adorable he looks hugging his piggies while he sleeps.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eatin' good in the neighboorhood...

Ok, so I will admit, rather cheesy title... BUT, I met a bunch of my great friends for lunch the other day. We had a lovely time. It is great to get together with people who GENUINELY care about one another, and they are there for you, no matter what. They will hold your hand while you cry, celebrate your accomplishments, and tell it like it is. They do not say one thing to you, then something else to everyone else. True friends. Ones you can have cocktails with, ones that will go for pie at 10 pm, and listen when you have a bad day and not judge. so, here's to you, my Friends. **Clink** with your beers, your bay breezes, and your cokes. You all mean a lot to me. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

the whole crew

So, Kimberly got all "dudded" up for ballet. While having her stand in front of the t.v., Alex asked if he could be int he pic too. Of coarse I agreed, and then, my most unwilling participant, when it comes to standing still for photos, just stood by them, good as can be. So I now have another nice pic, of all of them standing together. Does the heart good- no?
amazing to me, right at the moment, is how much they have grown, and how fast it has gone. We went and played on the playground tonight, and watching Alex sprint around, and climb and laugh and enjoy it, it was only yesterday, when we were holding him, and swinging. This past week, Dana has been away, and will be away for another week and a half. We all miss him tremendously, but we have been doing ok, and can't wait for him to come home. I love you baby, hurry home!

The littlest Badadina...

As Kimberly would say. She is now enrolled in dance, and going to be a ballerina. She loves the leotard. She loves the shoes and tights. She would sleep in them, if I let her. This morning, I got her dressed and ready to go.
here she is:
then, I told her, she has to take of her slippers, and put on different shoes. I told her if she wore her slippers outside, they would get ruined. After a few tears, she relented to choosing her shoes to wear, instead of her slippers. This is what she came up with:

What can I say, the girl has a mind of her own...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Go carts!!!!

Dana was leaving on Monday for two and a half weeks of training, so we decided that we would do something fun with the kids before he left. There is this go-cart/mini golf place in Montgomeryville that he has gone to before with Alex, and they both had a ball. this time, he took Kimberly on a ride too. She was all teeth the whole time. She giggled and squealed, and loved it.proof here:

He raced another little boy, and the two of them were speeding and bumping into each other. I don't know who here had more fun in all of this, Dana, to the little kids...
then, it was time to swap kids. I took Kimberly and brought Alex up tot he line to meet Dana. Ethan stayed with me.
Alex loved it to. He liked beating the other cars, and bumping into people.
And then, there was Ethan. To little to ride on the go carts, even with an adult. He at one point, was playing with the wood chips by me and the picnic table. He watched all the go carts going by. He yelled to them. He pointed to them. I can tell you, he wanted to be on them.
here he is, watching Dana and Alex zooming around the track. No doubt thinking about when it is his turn to ride too...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Indecision Rocks!!

Dana's band, plays out, at least twice a month. There are a few bars, where they are regulars, and it is always fun to go see. This past weekend, they played Lansdale Bike Nite, on Main St. in Lansdale. There was an estimated 40,000 people there, with 10,000 bikes. Big bikes, little bikes, scooters, and I think we even saw a moped or two.Bicycles were choppered out.
They played before a decent crowd. They got a few more gigs booked. Good times.
they totally ROCKED.!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


today, was the first day of kindergarten. The first day of the start of his school career. The first packing of the back pack. The first time driving him to school, and having a particular way to drop off, and pick up. He loved it. He made a purple hand print for me, with a cute poem, perfect for his scrapbook. He will graduate in the year 2020. Yikes. That seems so far off. He asked me this morning, if school was going to take long. Yes love, I think it will... I think he meant will it take long today, so we decided that it wouldn't be long, and I would pick him up from school, and we would have lunch, and after Kimberly and Ethan went to bed, we would go through his back. Which, by the way, contained scads of papers that have to be looked at and read and signed. Now I need to get a calender, to keep track of all of the school things. Man, are there alot!! Parent night next Tuesday, then a fair on Friday, then... Plus, market day, book club, etc., etc., etc.,
Welcome to having school aged children. next year, it will be two going through all of this. Kimberly I think is going to start dance...

proof that....

cats will sleep anywhere...
our kitty Puff, is usually pretty particular where he sleeps. Usually on Dana's side of the bed, up against his pillow.
Lately, however, he has taken to sleeping in my flower boxes on the deck. Besides, the flower boxes are in the sun all day, until about 7 ish. So that is the perfect spot to take a snooze.

Happiness is...

riding the school bus for the very first time, EVER. Well, ok, we live close enough to the school, so we are considered "walkers". Alex had orientation for kindergarten last week. He loved it. He loved the room. He loved his new teacher. He loved it all. The highlight of the orientation, was the bus ride. Although we are walkers, he still needs "school bus ettiquite", for when they go on field trips and such. He was all teeth, for the rest of the day, after that. It made going to school, or the idea of going to school even better.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Speed Racer!!

So, when we were kids, Dana and I both watched a cartoon called "speed Buggy". It was this great cartoon about this dune buggy race car. Well, Alex has also taken to this cartoon, when we watch it on occasion.
We went to a car show last weekend, in Perkasie, and had a ton of fun. The most exciting part, was when Alex found speed buggy. He got all excited and pulled Dana over to see it, and then wanted to have his picture taken in front of it. Well, OK, maybe it was ME that wanted to have his picture taken in front of it.
Tonight, they are going to Macungie, to a car show/parade there. Such a guy thing to do, and I am glad they are going to do it together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket" border="0" alt="" />
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So, when we get board, we try and find things to do, which may, or may not be exciting, depending on who's turn it is to pick, and what their definition of exciting is. Last week, Dana and I decided to take the kids to see a tank in Red Hill, I think it is, parked in front of the VFW. kinda fun, Kinda big, and semi educational, for some. It was something different to do, on a hot night, and the kids enjoyed it.
Not really a lot to tell, just thought the kids against the sheer size of it was cool. Wonder if we can get one of those, when they start to drive...

Ringing rocks...

we took the kids to Ringing Rocks State Park. It is a place, where you tap rocks with your hammer, and they "ring".
So, we loaded everyone up, equipped with hammers and off we went. We were there years ago with my niece and her cousin, when Alex was about 6 months old. The girls had fun.
He has a better time this time. Dana took him out on the boulder field, and let him tap away. Can I just tell you they loved it? What's not to love? Whacking rocks with a hammer, is high on any kids list. After that, we decided to take them on a hike. OF coarse, we had to hit every rock we saw, with a hammer, to see if it too would ring. I did manage to get them all to sit still, for 2.5 seconds, to get a pic of them all together. We realized, that this park is actually closer to our house than we thought. Funny, it took us 45 min. to get there, and only 20 to get home...Sometimes, we are both a little blond...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I have got so

much to share with you all- and still on the hunt for the missing software- good news, I think I found it, bad news, no time today to install. Taking a minate to just say, hang tight, it is on its way. We have had a busy few weeks, and LOTS to show you. Ringing Rocks Park, Car show in Perkasie (Hi Steph, and Gwyn and crew, and Andrew looks JUST like you BTW). Hope all is well- the rat race of class begins next week, and then KINDERGARTEN for Alex. Where did the time go?
Ethan has a Ped. check up, and was 28 lbs, and 36 inches. He is off the charts in height. (so suprised...?!?!?!) and in the 70th percentile for weight, so we have another string bean. :) So frickin' cute though. (Little secret, Kimberly is 32 lbs)ha ha. other than that, pretty mundane- but loads going on.
Peace, Out-

Monday, August 13, 2007

For those of you

that read my blog on a regular basis- thank you. I am finding out, that I have more readers than just family, and am tickled that you want to share in the mundaness (is that really a word?) that is our lives right now.
For the moment, I have no pictures to post. Wait, back up, rephrase. I have NO software loaded on my laptop, to load pictures on to, so that I might share them with you. I always have pictures. I took some pretty good ones recently too. So, this will need to tide you over, until I find the software to reload. it isn't lost actually, just in the soft sided case of my laptop, that I have seemed to have misplaced.- or perhaps it was one of my three gremlins... (that would make a great title for a t.v. show...)Yet I digress. I am hoping all of you are having a good day, and i will post pics soon, I promise.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Luggage cart Luge

ok- I said I was going away for a few days to "scrap". well, I did go away, and "scrapped". in our down time, we needed to entertain ourselves. Heidi and Carley decided to start a new sport- luggage cart luge. well, it all started out good, everyone hanging on, and then the wheels would move, and they would hit the curb. Good news, no one got hurt. Bad news? never made it to the LUGE part. Oh well. there is always January, when we go back. Wonder if the resort would mind, if we poured water down the road, to help with our track... we had a bunch of fun, some of us broke door knobs, some of us peed our pants literally laughing, and some of us had a great time. To all the girls in the possee out there- I am sending out a big shout out, and heidi, depends are on their way!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kim, this one's for you-

with an exorbitant amount of patience, (that some days I have in spades, and some days, not so much) I was able to snap a few photos of butterflies and bees buzzing around my garden. So cool. I think I have a few more that will be blown up, and hung on my wall.
The bumble bee, was rather by accident, but cool anyhow. Patience. Lots of patience. I love the look of all the pollen in his fuzz.Fur? what exactly do they have?

will be gone for a few days, for a weekend of scrapping, drinking, scrapping, and some much needed gurl time. SOOOO looking foreword to it- the Goose is already packed. (No paper or other supplies, but the Goose.)-priorities, you know?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things that happen

on a Saturday afternoon...
First, Alex was playing with the neighbors granddaughters, and they were riding their bikes. (No training wheels for them) and his bike had training wheels. He came to Dana and asked that they be removed. We know he isn't ready yet, because he hasn't mastered riding his bike with he training wheels on, so that them off, and we would be inviting disaster. Well, They know best, right? Ha ha. Dana took off the trainers, and helped Alex steady himself on his bike, and then, he let go. Alex rode quite a few feet, before realizing Dana wasn't holding on, and then he would tip his bike over. After much praise from us, and the little girl he was playing with. his confidence built, and he tried the stone alley way. That didn't go over as well and the grass. He spilled on the stones, got one very small scrape, and decided he had had enough. A very brave day, indeed.
So after bike riding, the boys went back inside. They decided to play in the basement. Many of you already know, that Dana plays in a band. He plays lead guitar. He has played guitar for as long as I have known him. He teaches guitar lessons. He is all about the guitar. He was practicing for an upcoming gig the have on the 21st. Alex asked if he could play. Dana obliged, and put his guitar on Alex. Alex is left handed, and that will be slightly difficult for Dana to teach him to play, but he will teach him none the less. Alex was thrilled to play. He is such a ham- giving me his best rock star face, and jamming as hard as he could. Looks like I have another guitar hero in the house!! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

While gardening

today, you know, the pulling of the weeds (ugh) and the pruning of roses (didn't wear my gloves, and got pricked 80 billion times)and the trimming of the tree, I see a Swallow tail fluttering around my cone flowers. Last fall, I decided to move them, and half way through, I almost gave up, because it was a royal pain in the backside. I forced myself to finish, and am glad I did. I can see my cone flowers, and daises from my bay window, while I have my coffee in the morning. I love that. Every morning, I get to enjoy these pretty flowers. it is nice to see, that something Else is enjoying them too.
I have some bulbs under my kitchen sink, that are starting to sprout, so I guess I'd better get them in the ground too, so they can bloom by fall time.

That way, I'll have something to enjoy late in the season. Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ever have

one of those pictures, that no matter how many times you looked at it, it just made you smile? One that brought you back to a feeling, a sound or smell? That's what I get, when I look at this picture. It was a hot, sticky day, a hot, sticky night, but so much fun. I promised I would upload a picture from the concert, a while ago, and I just got them uploaded to my account (thanks Kermie, love ya')and here they are. Well, ok here it is, the best one of the bunch.--For all of you out there, who are just a hula girl at heart, this one's for you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happiness is...

Flowers. An unsolicited bunch came for me today, from a dear friend, (thanks M!!)and it just made my day. A bunch of prettiness. A bunch of happiness, a bunch of love. It's nice to know every now and again, that someone is thinking about you :)
Cuter yet, was Kimberly's squeal, "Ma Ma, look, flowers for Krimberly". So, I let her carry them into the house (as proud as can be) and she helped me put them in the pitcher. It's going to make a great page to scrap, and I think I'll do that tonight.
So, thanks again M, and may you looking at these, brighten your day, as much as it did mine.

Monday, July 9, 2007


patiently waiting. Waiting for a human, to come by and scratch his ears. Waiting for a human to toss his frisbee over, and over and over again. Waiting for a human to say : "come on boy, lets go for a walk" That's our freckles- or Freck as we call him. Waiting for us. Waiting by the fence, being patient, knowing his time will come, when he can play too. He's a good boy, a Border Collie, with more energy than even I can fathom. He will catch and bring back the frisbee, until the cows come home and he can't move any more. egads. He loves the kids. He puts up with all the "lovin" Ethan gives him. He is generally the pillow under Alex's head, when watching t.v. Kimberly, well, sometimes she'll throw him a ball, other than that, she leaves him be. Unconditionally, he loves his humans, each one of us.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catch and Release

we went to the lake again tonight, this time, to try and fish. Alex was given a pole, and a trip to Wal-Mart, a fishing license, and a Barbie girl fishing pole, and a bag of corn and we were ready to go. Dana set up all the poles, and in about 2.5 seconds both the kids were board with fishing. (standing still AND quiet for any length of time, is near impossible.)As soon as they settled down to fish, this duck came floating by, and actually walked right up to them. We just so happened to have gram cracker bees in the stroller for a snack, and they set about throwing them into the water for the duck, which she happily ate. She even came up the beach and on the side walk, to see Ethan. That was cute, he got all excited and was throwing things to the "uckie".

While they were fishing, Ethan got board, so we went for a walk, and this is what we saw- standing in the grass, as still as can be.

she was in no hurry, and quite frankly was not phased by us standing there watching her. She walked away from us after a bit, slowly, in no hurry. so after watching her, we leave.
we go back to our fearless fishers, and no sooner did Ethan and I get there, that they caught a fish. I never knew how exciting a sunfish could be. After everyone (except myself...) had a chance to touch this fish, and poke at it, they released it back into the lake. Kimberly fell into the lake, trying to pick something up. Is a trip to the lake complete without someone falling in?

Monday, July 2, 2007

The essence of being Ethan

Take one little boy, a Binky, and a stuffed pink pig, and there you have it. All of Ethan's favorites in one spot. He hauls that pig around where ever he goes. We have three of these pigs. One at my mother's house, ,for emergencies, in case said pig gets lost. Two here, and one is usually in the wash, due to being hauled outside.-Being thrown in a mud puddle, or laid in the dirt, or left in the sand box. He does not sleep with out his pig. In fact in the morning when I get him up, His pig comes out and eats breakfast with him. Covered in pop tarts, he takes his pig to go play. That would be both the pig, and the boy covered in pop tarts... Apparently, he tries to feed him.
The Binky- we never leave home without it. We have hunted for it. We have found it, we have lost it. We have bought several. They are everywhere- in the kitchen, in his bedroom, in the is murder with out it. The two things that keeps my little man happy.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

what's better than going to a Buffet concert?

is there such a thing? Yes, I will tell you- going to a Buffet concert with your sister!!!
This year, I got the opportunity to see Buffet. I was given 2 tickets, and since the dear hubby was on call, I needed a date. I called my sister, who was more than happy to oblige. We went with a friend of mine, and friends of hers. (Hi Shirley, Kim and John!!) We drove down to Camden, and tailgated until 7pm, when we made our way to the concert. I smuggled a camera in, well John did. (thanks again John) and got some pics, which I am waiting for my sister to upload for me. (insert foot tapping impatiently here)The show was fabulous. He was more mellow this year, choosing songs from his "Take the Weather With you cd. That's ok though- that is one of the cds I listen to when I scrap.
We saw alot of sights that day, seriously, I don't think people look int he mirror, before they leave the house. YIKES!
I will update with concert pics, when I get them. It was such a great time, and I would do it again in a heart beat- we are already planning on next year...

it must have been a full moon

last night, things were crazy. First off, Kimbelry and Alex didn't go to bed until 10:30. So the last time I go in to check on them, get everyone back in their beds, I find ALex, in Kimberlys bed. No big thing, so I ask him to get out of his bed, and into his own. He climbs out, and stands before me. The light wasn't on, but I knew he was in more than what I put him in for bed. I flip the light on- to find, that he was wearing: a clean pull up, a pair of her knit capris, and an off the shoulder summer top. and, all of her cloths were out of her drawer and on the floor. That annoyed me, because I had just put them in there earlier in the day. *sigh* what's a mom to do. No pics this time, I was was to annoyed with the mess I would have to once again clean up. (at least it wasn't blue paint)
We are having a picnic on Tues with our neighboors, to celebrate the 4th. WHta are you doing??

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The dentsit...part II

It is Kimberly's turn to visit Dr. Non. So, we get all dressed up, she finds the lai from the Buffet concert, and puts on her pretty flowers, and off we go

We get to the office, and she plays quietly with the toys, and I fill out paperwork. Adrian, the dental assistant calls her back, and they put her in the chair. She stepped on the button, that blows air, and it gave out this little burst of air and noise. Scared the bejeezes out of her. She starts to cry. Adrian puts her up int he cahir, and I need to leave
They start to brush her teeth, and that goes over like a lead balloon. Dr. Non finished up the exam, and then it is finally time to go. Kimberly is less than thrilled, and happy to leave, but, not before we get a pic. with the dentist.
She was more than happy to leave, and as soon as we walked out of his office, she asked to have her teeth brushed. Go figure. So, in 6 months, we'll try it again, and see how it goes. Until then- happy brushing!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Going to the lake...

to have a picnic. Charcoal? Check.
Burgers and dogs? Check. Salads? Check. Tin foil? check.
Plastic Forks? Check. Ice, and drinks? Check.
Lighter to light the charcoal? Nope. Fork to turn the meat? Nope. Mustard and Ketchup? Nope. So, we had to improvise. I could do that on almost all, but the matches. I found the Ranger man, and he just so happened to have a lighter, which he graciously let me have. (thank you Mr. Ranger man...)

So we had dry dogs and burgers. With no real fork to turn the meat, we used plastic forks. Did you know that they melt when close to the flames? Well, not close to the flame, but to the charcoal smoldering in the grill. So, we had to move quickly. It worked, but we did loose one to the grill...OOPS!

After dinner, Dana and Kimberly went fishing. Didn't catch anything, but they did have a good time.

we took a walk along some of the trails, and that was nice too. A perfect way to wrap up a beautiful weekend.

It is supposed to be hotter that blazes tomorrow, and we are going to see Jimmy Buffet. (Thanks MMC)