Saturday, November 3, 2007

.What is your favorite movie?

you know the one I mean. The one, that each time it is on t.v., you can't help but watch it. The one that you laugh at the same parts,even though, you know they are coming. Mine, Pretty Woman. Fave part- when he snaps her fingers with the jewlery box. Ok, will admit, I love the whole thing, and always hope that she will end up with him, before he has to go "rescue" her. Love it. it is palyed way to much, but I still watch it. I also like The Wedding Singer. Love stupid humor. I know I said favorite, but since it is my bolg, I can bend the rules, *slightly* :)
So, how bout it, which ONE is it??


psucolleen said...

one? you want JUST ONE? can't be done. so I'm breaking your rules, too. :) Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, Wizard of Oz, Big, and a whole long list of movies I "can't not watch" when I see them on tv.

Marlene said...

I, too, have many favorites. Off the top of my head:

Love, Actually
Dirty Dancing

Happy birthday to Kimberly!

Lisa said...

How funny - my husband just making fun of me BAD b/c I had to watch Pretty Woman when it was on TV a few weeks ago. I just love that one too, maybe my favorite too (can I admit that publicly?) Happy b-day Kimberly! Yes, we'll have to get the girls together to play.

Anonymous said...