Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Empty nester??

Today was Ethan's first day of Kindergarten. The other two kids went on Monday, but a bad ear infection kept him home from his first two days...:( He was feeling better today, so he went. Yesterday as we were walking the kids home from school, he puts his little hand in mine, looks up at me and says "mom, are you going to keep me away from school for the rest of my LIFE?" "no, I say, it is only because you're sick." "Mom, really, I am not sick, my EAR is." The logic is dizzing... although he did have a point, I did not tell him that his ear was in fact, a part of him and was making the whole part of the kid sick...Sigh.

here comes this morning with an eager 5 year old anxious and more than ready for his very first day of school- to which he tells me, that it isn't his FIRST day of school, it's his third, "so let's just pretend it's my third day, o.k. mom?" At 1:00 I pack up my youngest, kiss his little cheek that smells of baby soap and peanut butter and send him off to school.

I drive my truck away from the school and head to Target for a few things I needed. (or though I needed at least).

This feeling is a first for me... Since 2001, I have always had a child (or three) tag along with me where ever I went. Going to the stores was a chore at times, because I was always amid a baragement of "can I get this?" or "He's touching me" or "she's looking at me"... A simple trip to get laundry soap inevitably left me feeling frazzled. Thank goodness for the Starbucks that resides with in the Target store...

Well here I was today, at 1:30 p.m., in Target, in the soap isle all by myself. It was AMAZING! I could think, I could choose which brand of soap I wanted. I swear the sky opened up and the angels sang. I mean I had 10 blissfully quiet moments in the isle by MY SELF! I could rifle through the coupons I had brought along, I could SMELL the soaps. I could have done a cartwheel in the isle if I chose. (OK, let's not get ridiculous, I would have ended up in a 6 foot tall brunette heap, I am not that coordinated...) ha ha.

So in the end, I picked up a bottle of body wash, two Hershey bars and three packs of cascade that had 4 bricks each of those packets, and I paid a whopping .79! Yup. 79 cents. I was pretty happy with myself, since I scored some things I needed and spent so little. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those coupon crazy hoarders that you see on t.v., I am just a girl watching her pennies... every one of them! I will add in pictures later on, so you can see my babies first day of school and the soap I was able to think about all by my self for a few moments!!

Peace out, girl scout!