Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings and a fresh start....

Yes, that is all that it entails.  I have take some time off from everything I used to do.  The norm that once was my life has gone to the way side.  2014 is brand new, and full of promises.  One of my resolutions this year was to get back into my blog, and to Petie. I have been asked from time to time for a new Petie story.  He is alive and well.  He's a little chubbier than he was, and a little crankier than he was. (I like to think he's maturing.)

Mom has put a bid in on a home down the street from me and has put hers on the market.  I have mixed emotions on that.  I will love having her close, and the kids will be with her all the time I am certain. That place was where I spent a good deal of my child hood.  Not the get in trouble every 10 minutes part of childhood, but the life altering, life changing moments part of my child hood.  Some good, some, not so good, but all of them were had there, on that property.  I lost my brother, on that property.  I graduated high school on that property.  I learned to drive and got engaged on that property.  I said goodbye to my single life on that property. I brought my babies back to that property.  My 12 year old finds peach there, at the same places I did. it's weird. I buried my dad at that property. So while most of it is good, there are some parts I will be glad to leave behind.  I was once told not to regret the things in the past, they help shape you for who you are today. I agree with that.
It's time to make a new start, and a new beginning with mom here with me.

So, stay tuned, you haven't heard the last from me yet! :)

Peace out, Girl Scout!