Saturday, August 23, 2008

We watched a car parade last night.

have you ever watched a car parade? I mean, there is a car show this weekend in McCungie, and the folks that are in the show, line up, and they parade their cars before the show. It was neat. It was not as long as I thought it would be. The show is HUGE. Hundreds of cars. I thought I would see hundreds of parading cars. But, what it was, was a night out with friends. That was the fun part. The kids loved the show. Well Alex and Kimberly did. Ethan was not fond of all the beeping, and the revving of motors.
we won't be able to see the show this weekend, we won't be around. We are going home for a bridal shower, and to pick up my Mother in law. She will be here next week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

it there ever an image

that each time you see it, you have a sense of peace, and nostalgia?
this post is a bit late, but better late than never.
In May, we went to Cape May. It is my faovrite place on the planet. Ok, maybe that isn't true, St. Thomas is my favorite palce and Arube. So, lets go with it is my favorite place in the U.S. Aside from the beach, I love Mugs.-and Washington St. Square. Every time we go to Cape May, we go to Mugs. (only the best bar on the planet.)-and they have good food too. We spent 4 days there. We went to Mugs the first day. (yum) and to the light house, and to the beach... and to Washington St Square, and ... we went all over God's acre.
The image I was referring to, it the clock. I love that clock. I am not sure why, but I do. nothing witty this morning. Just the mundane!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


yup, that is the thought going through his pea sized brain. It HAS to be. You know those cat trees that you can buy at the pet stores? They are like 80 gazillion dollars. I mean,they are ridiculously over prices. So, after looking at one, dh said he could make it. and he did, for a fraction of the cost. Petie loves his new digs. As shown by the above photo. can't you just hear him saying hello??
Then, the little bugger righted himself around, and smacked which ever human was within reach. Ungrateful little lout!

car shows...

We have been going to car shows a lot this summer. Alex is really into them. Me, not so much. They are neat for the first 5, maybe 10 minutes, then they all kinda look the same. This weekend was no different...
We went to Coopersburg, they had one sponsored by the Mustang club. What did we see there? Rows, and rows, and rows of Mustangs. Not to exciting, but they did throw in a few different cars, just for good measure.
The first one we came across was a monster truck. -which brought squeals of delight from ALL the boys.

that tire was seriously bigger than her, but not him.
when did he get so grown up?

and then there was the other Monster truck we saw, which they all needed their picture taken with. Ethan, not so much, he forgot pig, and was unhappy while being strolled around. Until he was aloud to do this:then pig was all but forgotten about.
Kimberly found a car she decided she absolutely had to have, and was quite annoyed, when they woman who owned it was less that willing to give it to her... what girl doesn't need a pink speed racer?? She is working on her daddy now...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Petie has a cold.

Poor thing. H has been sneezing his little brains out. I swear, that when he sneezes, his brain hits both sides of his head. I don't mean to laugh, but have you ever seriously watched a cat sneeze? That's funny stuff.
let me show you..
First, there is the wind up.

then the sneeze.

That' funny stuff right there. He would sneeze so hard, that he would knock himself off his feet. I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants.
Bless Petie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks stephanie!

For the links to the awesome blogs. I just visited Lauren's cards, and wow. (there is a link to Lauren's cards tot he side). Great card images, check it out!
Thanks for the link, stephanie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I got Pissed on...

last weekend, we went to a car show in Macungie. They do them several times through out the summer. They are kinda fun, and the kids really enjoy them. Well, there was a beetle bug from CA there, painted up to look like Herbie.
we took the kids to it, and took their pic in front of it. it was cute. then, while I was getting the up, and out of the way- the guys who owned turned on the windshield wiper stuff, and I got sprayed, then Herbie thinking he was pretty funny, laughed. Sheeish.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National Night out...

When Target store move into a town, they have this event once a year- called "National Night Out". They bring in local businesses to participate, and they offer free drinks, hotdogs, pretzels etc. last year they had pony rides down at the end of our street. They do a bon-fire, and have fireworks. It is kind of fun, and the kids enjoy it. This year, there were no pony rides. We had the fire truck at the end of the street. That made Ethan's day. Holy canoli. He was so excited to have the truck in his immediate area. He went over to it, (with Pig in hand) and the fireman squatted down to talk to him. Ethan shyed away from him, until he said "that's a nice pig you have there pal". well, that is all it took. Ethan offered pig up to the fireman (which, for those of you that know Ethan, know he does not willingly give pig to ANYONE.) The fireman asked Ethan if he wanted to have a look in the truck, and he nodded his head. Ethan let the man pick him up and place him (and pig, still clutched tightly in his fist) into the truck. For those of you again that know Ethan, know that he is MY barnicle, and usually does not let anyone pick up/hold him. (I was suprised, really) anyhow, he LOVED,LOVED, LOVED the inside of the truck. The fireman asked Ethan if he wanted to try on the fire hat. He said no, but told him Pig did. after a bit of a chuckle, the fireman manovered Pig to "wear" the hat. needless to say, Pig had a VERY busy night. he didn't want to get out of the truck, and squealed when we took him down...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

we went to

pick peaches last night. Loaded everyone int he truck,a dn drove over to the farm stand. When we got there, we found out that peach picking starts today. Not yesterday. Hhrumph. Kimberly cried and cried. She was all geared up to pick peaches. We will most likely go back tonight, and try it again. I love their peaches. I got some new jars (yes Mom, I know you have jars for me, trust me, I will use them) so I can make peach jam. So far, I have made strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Peach is next, and I think my SIL will be giving me some pears, so I can try something with them as well.
In other news.... I think I may have broken my big toe. two weeks ago or so, I went to hurry Alex into his room. I was going to "kick" him into gear. (not hard at all, I know this sounds awful) anyhow, when my foot connected with him, I just caught the edge of his jeans with my toe, (not anywhere near the target I was aiming for)anyhow, I heard this loud crack followed with pain that literally took my breath away. I though I might have jammed it up real good. It turned a lovely shade of purple, and swelled up good. Now, it is still semi swollen, and a charming pink. There is a knot on my toe bone, and it hurts when I bend it a certain way. (I know, smart alecs, then don;t bend it that way) I will schedule an X-Ray. UGH.
and the news that is killing me. I think I am no longer able to use bleach. ACK!
I bleached my bathroom the otherday, and my eyes burned and truned red, I could not breathe, and now I smell bleach... None of these things have ever happened before. Dana tried telling me that I could use a different cleaner,t hat would smell just as good... Um, hello? smell as good? ~sigh. My sister suggested I wear a mask. Perhaps I will take it that route. any suggestions on a good bathroom cleaner? And , what is a world with out bleach????? esp. MY world? OY.
Tonight, is "first night out". (well technically, it will be the second night out). When Target stores move into an area, they sponser a locally run "night out" last year (and this) one of the locations is at the end of my street in the Borough property. They had hot dogs and drinks, pony rides, face painting, etc. Kind of nice. We will do that this evening. (peaches may need to wait). Kimberly will be thrilled for the ride on the horse. the boys, probably not so much, but it ill be somehting fun anyhow. Target is slowly becoming out favorite store.
well, it is going to be another hot one, better check the pool and make sure it is chemically o.k., before it gets to much later so the kids can swim. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

petie parts...

so as you can tell, we photograph the cat... a LOT. So much that now when he sees the camera, he just kind of rolls his eyes, and gets into the "mode" for a shoot.
we start out by catching silly antics like this one:
he actually weasled himself behind the coushins, and waited for some poor unsuspecting kid to touch the seemingly innocent paw sticking out of the loveseat. then he would try and attack said child. The only problem here is, he hid himself so well, that he had no visual on the child that he would be attacking. After making several atempts, he leaves the couch. (not without some trouble, mind you.)
then, he shows us exactly what he thinks of this little game.

and, finally when he gets bored of us this is what happens.

the end.

Friday Funnies...

this made me giggle, thought you might like it too...
I made my blackberry jam this morning, and all I can say is... HOLY GOODNESS BATMAN!
I added nutmeg and cinnamon to it, so it would taste more like a pie, and taste like a pie it does!!! It it pie in a jar, in the form of jam!!!! So yummy. I can't wait to have some toast this afternoon... lol