Tuesday, August 5, 2008

we went to

pick peaches last night. Loaded everyone int he truck,a dn drove over to the farm stand. When we got there, we found out that peach picking starts today. Not yesterday. Hhrumph. Kimberly cried and cried. She was all geared up to pick peaches. We will most likely go back tonight, and try it again. I love their peaches. I got some new jars (yes Mom, I know you have jars for me, trust me, I will use them) so I can make peach jam. So far, I have made strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Peach is next, and I think my SIL will be giving me some pears, so I can try something with them as well.
In other news.... I think I may have broken my big toe. two weeks ago or so, I went to hurry Alex into his room. I was going to "kick" him into gear. (not hard at all, I know this sounds awful) anyhow, when my foot connected with him, I just caught the edge of his jeans with my toe, (not anywhere near the target I was aiming for)anyhow, I heard this loud crack followed with pain that literally took my breath away. I though I might have jammed it up real good. It turned a lovely shade of purple, and swelled up good. Now, it is still semi swollen, and a charming pink. There is a knot on my toe bone, and it hurts when I bend it a certain way. (I know, smart alecs, then don;t bend it that way) I will schedule an X-Ray. UGH.
and the news that is killing me. I think I am no longer able to use bleach. ACK!
I bleached my bathroom the otherday, and my eyes burned and truned red, I could not breathe, and now I smell bleach... None of these things have ever happened before. Dana tried telling me that I could use a different cleaner,t hat would smell just as good... Um, hello? smell as good? ~sigh. My sister suggested I wear a mask. Perhaps I will take it that route. any suggestions on a good bathroom cleaner? And , what is a world with out bleach????? esp. MY world? OY.
Tonight, is "first night out". (well technically, it will be the second night out). When Target stores move into an area, they sponser a locally run "night out" last year (and this) one of the locations is at the end of my street in the Borough property. They had hot dogs and drinks, pony rides, face painting, etc. Kind of nice. We will do that this evening. (peaches may need to wait). Kimberly will be thrilled for the ride on the horse. the boys, probably not so much, but it ill be somehting fun anyhow. Target is slowly becoming out favorite store.
well, it is going to be another hot one, better check the pool and make sure it is chemically o.k., before it gets to much later so the kids can swim. :)


Anonymous said...

OH my goodness, Stuffies world without bleach, what is she going to do?????????

Try using waterd down amonia, the smell isn't the same, but the cleaning will be just as good. also, Lysol is another hit. I use that all the time.

What made you allergic to BLEACH, possibly using too much of it????


Marlene said...

Ummm....don't use ammonia if you don't want to have to deal with cat piss in the house. Seriously. Cats are attracted to ammonia. (It's what their urine is primarily composed of).

Just dilute your bleach, silly. It still works well when diluted.

stuffie said...

Thanks Marlooney-
never thought to do that!!!

Anonymous said...