Friday, August 1, 2008

petie parts...

so as you can tell, we photograph the cat... a LOT. So much that now when he sees the camera, he just kind of rolls his eyes, and gets into the "mode" for a shoot.
we start out by catching silly antics like this one:
he actually weasled himself behind the coushins, and waited for some poor unsuspecting kid to touch the seemingly innocent paw sticking out of the loveseat. then he would try and attack said child. The only problem here is, he hid himself so well, that he had no visual on the child that he would be attacking. After making several atempts, he leaves the couch. (not without some trouble, mind you.)
then, he shows us exactly what he thinks of this little game.

and, finally when he gets bored of us this is what happens.

the end.