Sunday, December 6, 2009

what brings me joy these days.....

Petie. With out him I would not be nearly as entertained as I usually am. He is doing just fine, and up to his usual antics. Yesterday, we got some snow. not a ton of snow,but snow none the less. Well while out with the kids, the hubs observes petie. He would crook his tail straight around, and speed in the snow just as fast as he could go (and he has put on a *few* holiday pounds)and slide and rip around and tear back the other way. He came in SOPPING wet. Sopping. I thought cats didn't like to get wet??
So, later on, he got Oscar inside a paper bag, and kept jumping on it. REPEATEDLY. Then, while Oscar would try and attack Petie's tail, while he ate, petie would take so much, then we would hear "Thump", which would be Oscars head being thumped into the wall.... I swear I have not laughed this hard in a long time.
Go check out Aud's blog... She has quite a few adventures herself. So, get a mug of your favorite stuff, curl up and enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

oh, the indignity of it all....

Ok, I have been telling myself, I will get these Petie tales out to his public, but then life is getting in the way. It is life getting in the way of me having to play referee to Petie and the kittens. One of which is sitting under me as we speak meeping at me and purring his little heart out. I have missed the sound they make. Sounds like a bunch of nails in an old tin can. LOVE it.
Petie, well, he is still rather pissy. I mean, he has been taking it out on the critters he has been catching. He does not only kill them, this time, he consumes 1/2 of them, and leaves the other half on the side walk for us to find. Ethan found half the other day. Squish.... Blech. Thanks, Petie.
Then there is Pete defending his bed. He would sleep on our bed every now and again, but he was not a regular there. That has not changed much. The kitten however, LOOOVE our bed. One night, not that long ago, I scooped up petie and decided that I would take him into bed with me. I did not see Oscar and Felix trailing along behind me. Petie did. He would grousing the whole way. I put him on the bed, and started to pet him. I turned my back for a second, and i heard this horrible hissing. I turned around and saw that Oscar had jumped on the bed, and Petie was having no parts of it. He smacked Oscar so hard, he fell off the bed. You would think that Oscar would leave well enough alone, right? Wrong. He would stand on his hind feet and just pop up and "look" at Petie, which would send Petie into a fit of hissing and spitting and smacking. Petie started to loose his grip and he was sliding off the bed. He dug into the blankets with his back claws, and continued to smack, hiss and spit. Oscar must have been highly amused, because he kept it up. Talk about Puppy dumb. Well, Oscar decided he had had enough, right at the same time Petie slid off the bed. Oscar ran up the hall way, and Petie was right behind him. RUNNING three legged, hissing, spitting and smacking the whole way. I have never seen a cat run three legged that fast before. He delivered a thumping to Oscar the whole way.
Things had simmered down some, until.... Petie had gone outside. It was cold, so he decided to come in. While he was out, the hubs moved Petie's crack den upstairs. This was done for two reasons... One. so the kittens would stop scratching on my sofas. Two, so they would play with it. And play they do.
Yet I digress. So, petie comes inside, and is rather pleased to see his crack den upstairs. He runs over to it, and scales the side with ease, only to come to a screeching halt when he gets to the top. There on the top curled into a tight ball, is Oscar. Snoozing away, blissfully unawares. Petie Hisses, which in turn wakes up the sleeping babe. he hauls his fat arse up to the top level and Oscar hopped down to the tube below. (good move on Oscar's part) I put some catnip on top, to soothe my savage beast, and he took to squirreling round on the nip. Well, while squirreling around, his tail fell. Oscar took that opportunity, to smack said tail, which in turn made Petie do a 180 to see what the hubbub was. He leans his face over to see what was smacking his tail. Not only did he see Oscar, but he got smacked, RIGHT IN THE NOSE by Oscar's paw. Hubs and I thought for sure, there would be blood shed, or at the very least we would find Oscar on the side walk in the morning, with his entrails being extrails.... He tried to smack him back, but to no avail. Oscar is to little, and he is fast.
so far Petie 0 Oscar 1
and, Oscar, each time I open the door to let in or out a dog, he races for the outside.
sorry little man, you need to form an alliance with petie first.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


a post. It has been a while. For those of you wondering,. Petie is alive and well, in fact I am composing some new stories about him right now. However, he needs to take a back seat to Halloween. Dana make his costume again, and won best costume at the party. I was the chick who helped marilyn manson. I think I made a rather good dead chick...and I took the pic myself.

Friday, October 9, 2009

you know how they say

never wake a sleeping baby? Well, who ever "they" are, might have been on to something there. Oscar is fuzzy and soft and he is sooo stinkin' cute. I mean LOOK at him! Does that not scream come cuddle with me?? Yeah. Right. Sure it does. The you awaken the beast. (I mean soft, fuzzy kitten)
and the terror begins.
In his short time with us he has already:
Scaled the drapes.
Climbed up the back of dh's legs while he was shaving.
Smacked Dolly on the nose for on apparent reason. Oh wait, she's a DOG, so apparently, that is reason enough)and his brother? Lemme just say this, there is never a dull moment here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Petie is less than

thrilled by the latest acquisition of the "ping ping balls". Yesterday, the kittens were out and exploring the living room and all. Felix (the skinny one) jumped into the window and started checking that out. Petie came in the front door as per norm, and when he rounded the corner to jump up and see his dinner, he came to a skidding halt. I mean, he was poised mid jump and just s-t-o-p-p-e-d. I look over to see what the hub-bub was, and I see Felix standing in fight mode, all 8 feet of him (he puffs up REEEEEALLLLLLY big) and he is hissing at Petie.
To Petie's credit, I will say, he did nothing. Not one thing. He did not hiss is return, he did not try and take over his spot, he just stood there. he looked over at me with this look on his face like "WTF is THAT??" I don't think Felix realizes what he is up against. Peties 12 lbs to his 1. hmmmm.... Doesn't seem like a fair fight, does it? Now, all someone needs to do is tell that to Felix.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

drive by


Meet Oscar.

posting so you can meet Oscar and Felix...

Monday, September 14, 2009

a funny Petie story.... or two

I have to share these two stories with you all, because they, I mean HE had me laughing this morning.
I was loading the kids up in the car this morning, to go to school. nothing spectacular, happens every morning much the same way. We trip out of the house, Petie looks at us, as we walk by. (truth be told, he usually hides in the mulch and attacks someone as they walk by.)Yet I digress.
So, the little girl I watch gets in the front, and she goes "Mrs. Wilson (that still sounds weird to me, even though it has been 15 years) there is a praying mantis on your truck, how do we get it off??" -just then, conveniently, Petie strolled by. While the other kids were getting in their seats, I pick up the tub-o-lard, I mean cat and show him said bug. Well, the mantis was not diggin Petie touching it, and it flew off the car. Satisfied, that I have gotten rid of the critter, and no one got eaten in the process, I set the fat, I mean cat down. Just then I see him take off and jump and twist in the air. I look to see what it is that got his attention, and it was the MANTIS. Stupid bug flew back toward my truck, and then into my neighbors lawn. (where Petie completed that swell move) and I see it land on her house. her house is BRICK. RED BRICK. I turn, an kinda chuckle that his hunting attempts have been thwarted. NOPE. The bugger climbed UP the side of her house! I mean, like 4 1/2 feet up. he scaled the outside of her house!!! A tree, sure, he has done that LOTS of times, but her HOUSE. And, the bug WAS STILL THERE! Holy crud. Sreiously. Now, I have to watch to see what happens, because in my opinion, there is no way he will be able to hang onto the house and get the bug all at the same time, right? WRONG. In one move, he had the bug in his mouth, and he was scaling down the side of the house. Not jump, like I thought he would but climb back down. (he MUST have been a goat in a former life, among other things). Now, he has the bug on her sidewalk. I feel seriously bad for causing this innocent, eat her mate after having sex with it bug, peril. (a *bit dramatic I know, but the kids were in the car...) so I go to pick up the fat S.O.B., and put him in the house. He is standing guard, because he is going to attack it the MOMENT it moves. Have you ever seen a praying mantis in attack position?? Freaky ass lookin bug. So, I did my good deed, and rescued the 11 lb chicken, I mean cat. Christina informed me that is was bad luck to kill a mantis. Exactly WHO would have had the bad luck? Me? I didn't kill it, I just showed it to my killing machine.... I guess, guilt by association??

OK, ready for story #2??
I was sitting on my deck with Lisa, making a list of all the things I will need to pack in order to take 5 people on vacation. (and damn it all, I don't seem to have the wriggle my nose and it's all done power). Anyhow, I am sitting there, and I hear this noise under me. Crud. petie has something in his clutches under the deck. I walk off the deck and look under it, and sure enough, there he is, standing on some poor critter. I look for something to kikda bang on the lattice with (as if that will really do anything) and I see that my darling husband (gawd bless his pea pickin heart) has left the hose on. (conveniently enough). I pick it up, and I aim it is Petie. (mean I know) he jumped backward, and puffed up. I mean he SERIOUSLY puffed up. I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. He was looking all around, b/c he could not see me, but somehow he just got dosed with water. he shook it off, and started back to the critter that had suddenly became quiet. I see him and again, hit him with another dose of water. he hissed, and looked around, he still could not see me. Now, let me tell you, the hose was not on the "knock you off your feet with force setting, it was more like torrential downpour mode. Not enough to hurt him in anyway, just piss him off pretty good. He goes back for a third attempt, and he was closer than he had been, so I sprayed him again. This time, however, he saw me. When he turned and looked at me, his ears went F.L.A.T. So flat, it didn't look like he has ears. He turned and scurried away from under the deck. (probably to run into the house and put a hot steamy turd on my pillow in vengeance). the critter under the deck, well, since it is dark and covered in spiders under there, I figgered it was OK. I saved it from Petie, while risking his wrath myself. Who know what became of it. Some one once told me "kid, some days it's diamonds, and some days it's rocks." I think I had a diamond day. Petie... not so much.

Monday, August 31, 2009

the first day of school

This is what the kids looked like... The sun was shining, the birds were chirping... And no, I did not do a jig, as much as I wanted to....(thought it might be a *bit* tacky... lol) I did however, see other parents marching their off spring to the building with a spring in their steps... It was quite a phenomenon
All pressed and dressed, the two older ones wanted to leave for school with the promise of seeing their friends again, and opening their craniums up for learning. (sound like an insanely bad advertisement)

Since Petie was out carousing the night before, this was his take of the first day of school. he had the sofa to himself, and no annoying tiny pair of hands trying to fit between his ears for a pet or two.

This had been a full box of crayons when I left with the kids for school. Freckles' take on the first day of school, more crayons for him! That will be ONE colorful poop out int he yard later on this week I am sure. Good thing crayola is non toxic.

This is what I did while the kids were at school. (aside from cleaning the house, did two loads of laundry and put it away, and ran errands) I thought they would like to have a nice snack to come home to. It was kinda fun to make, and I got to separate two bags of M & M's into colored piles.... What could be better than that?

And lastly, this was Petie when I went to pick the kids up from school. Note how the position changed, ever so slightly. Lazy lout. not even 5 hollering kids storming though the front door disturbed him. I am telling you, if lazing about were an occupation, Petie would be a MILLIONAIRE! Well, technically IIII would be said millionaire, since I am the keeper, I mean, HE is the keeper of me.

some one once said

the apples don't fall far from the tree....
I must admit,I have prided myself on that theory not being true, UNTIL I had my daughter. (attitude in spades)
So today was the first day of school for everyone. I did not break into song or dance as I walked them to school, although I will admit there were flowers and chirping birds, but it was AWFULLY sunny out this morning. Yet I digress.
After dinner, I am helping the hubs disassemble kimberly's bed (that he has been making) from out of the living room. -THAT is another story.
Two sets of footsteps come THUNDERING up the stairs. (I was starting to question what the ped's said about their weight. there is NO WAY on God's acre that a 43 lb and a 55lb child can make THAT much noise) Anyhow, Alex shouts out "I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!! I TOLD HER TO DO IT, BUT I DIDN'T THINK SHE WOULD DO IT, I WAS JUST JOKING"
"Do what?", I calmly ask, (while inwardly cringing) "This", Kimbelry replies and shows me her hands. In one, is a pair of pink pinking shears, and in the other is a WAD of hair. Pretty golden colored hair, who's tresses had known up to this point, only the beautician's scissors. NOT the sawed off edge of a pair of pinking shears.... Holy hell. My dayghter DID NOT just cut her own hair, did she? "Look Mama", she says. "It didn't hurt at all, and I did it all by my self" SUPER. (note to self, lock up any sharp or blunt instrument RESEMBLING a scissor)
NOW, let's rewind to the whole formentioned apple/falling from tree thought shall we?
when I was five-ish (I will say I am closer to 6, but I cannot be 100 percent sure)any how, I had hair down to my butt. Yup, long wavy dark hair all the way down to my behind. (hey, it was the 70's and I was cool). I hated my long hair. Scratch that, I HATED having my long hair combed and curled by mom. HATED it. To this day I still cringe in the beautician's chair if she brings out a rod curling iron... I always wanted shorter Farrah Faucet-ish hair, but no go. Mom and dad though m,y longhair was pretty. Mom worked nights, so one night, while she was at work, and I knew the other kids were up in their rooms, I took it upon my self, to cut my hair, since I wanted it cut and no one else would do it for me. I placed the scissors next to my temple, and SNIP. Cascading to the ground, came one of my dark tresses. I surveyed what I had done, and realized that I would be in a HEAP of trouble for doing so. So, I did the only logical thing. I picked up said hair, and cut it up into itty bitty pieces, so it would look like the dog's hair, and I placed it in the ash tray.. I figured that I should not give the older kids any trouble going to bed, lest I blow my cover... The damage was discovered the next morning while on the bus...
and the story only gets better, but I wills top there.
I am so cutting down that god forsaken apple tree.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is what you look like

when another critter kicks your tush....
Friday, Petie came in from outside, and his arse and tail were SWOLLEN. I mean, did he just have a butt.tail implant swollen. I ran my hand down his back and over the tail, and he turned and hissed. Poor thing. So, he ate and them hopped on my bed. Well, actually he went on Ethan bottom bunk, but when I put a sleeping Ethan in there, he went to my bed. He was moving a little slow, and on Friday and Saturday, he did not try to get out. Not one Houdini move. NOT ONE. hmmm.... I gave him some antibiotics from the vet, and let him sleep it off. Every time I sat on the couch he glued himself next to me.
Perhaps this is the karma God's way of getting back at him for the killing spree he went on??
think he'll learn?... prolly not.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it has been

a while since I last blogged.
Sorry about that, life just got in the way. (funny how that happens)
I don't have a ton of things to tell you about, I just want to share some photos.
Some, are just the epitome of summer.
Petie... well my little serial killer is grounded until he is 50.


Monday, June 29, 2009

I just started

a new blog. No, not for Petie. At least, Not yet. I have been asked to be a part of a design team for these new great digi stamp images that can be found here Sunshines stamps If you want a super cute image, go on over and check it out!! :)
My new blog is: this is where I will show you all what I have been working on...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I know this one

has been posted before, but today I was moving pictures from my laptop to the server down stairs.- You know the drill, need to free up room. OY.
anyhow, this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. I don't know which was worse, watching this infernal cat sneeze repeatedly, or kitty boogies on my lens. Tough one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


the cat with chutzpa. the cat who thinks he's a dog. The cat who thinks he is a circus freak. (how ELSE would you 'splain the acrobatics??)
anyhoo, wanted to share something, to let you know that no matter what, somethings never change.
This s Petie as a kitten:

this is Petie as an adult:

see my point??

Monday, June 15, 2009

you know how some

thing never get old?? Well, Petie is one of them. I don't care how many times I see him literally dive into a box, it is STILL funny stuff!! Yet I digress.

The other day, I was in the laundry room, getting a fresh roll of paper towels for the kitchen. I tossed them up the steps and they landed on the floor by the table. (precisely where I wanted them to land). I went to see if Dana needed any help with the kids who were in the tub. My back was turned for literally 2 seconds. 2. (I think you all know where this is going) petie came out of NO WHERE. I mean NO WHERE and started attacking this particular roll. This fresh roll, you know what I mean, the one towel is still glued to the rest of the roll. Yup. No more fresh role of towels, compliments of petie. Bugger. Good thing he's cute.

I mean, seriously, those ears mean BUSINESS. Glad I am not that role. Of course, this will make dusting an interesting feat.

Does he understand, that this role will NOT fight back?? Does he have a clue? Well, let's think about this logically. His brain is the size of a walnut. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Mom made

these for Kimberly. Kimberly had a hard time dressing her barbies, and then she found a few dresses that mom made for me when I was younger. (Dork that I am, I have all my old barbies and their clothing) Anyhow, when I saw how much she played with those outfits, I asked mom to make some more for her, and she did.I am super excited about them, and Kimberly LOVES them. Now, almost all her barbies are not naked... (Ken is UBER pissed, but hey, whatev.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

today is supposed to

be another sunny day. (let's hope)
The fence has not dried out yet from all the rain, so I think it is going to be another day of no fence painting. At this rate, it will take me all summer to paint the fence. (oh well)
I want to find a place to pick cherries. I would love to make cherry preserves, or something like that. Since I am heading into jelly making season.... The blackberry bush that I cut back, in hopes to kill it, has come back bigger and stronger than I ever imagined. It is seriously holding up the hubs garage, and is now starting to grow INTO the garage. If anyone likes blackberries, please feel free to stop by with a bucket and pick until your heart is content. I will make jelly again this year, but will strain out the seeds. Nothing worse that seed riddled jam. blech.
I weeded out the gardens yesterday, and now today I am hoping to plant some of the seeds I started. The rain is good for something, right? lol Not real conducive to warming up the pool however....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just got back

from Cape may... man, we picked the most ROTTEN week to go, but we went anyhow. perhaps we are gluttons for punishment, but hey, it's the beach, how bad can it be, right? I mean, what is the shore with out a sand filled beds, a little sunburn and some taffy??? We went to the zoo, and went to the beach, went to our favorite place to dine, Mugs, and ate waaaaay to much. We went to our favorite bar, Carneys, well, ok not Carney's since they were not open for the season yet (babies), so we went to Cabanas. Drank waaaaaaay to much, but that was the beauty of having a room right on the main drag, you can stumble home. I am glad to be home, however. It was a busy time, and the kids were getting cranky toward the end, they wanted to either be on the beach (who can blame them) ot playing toys in the room (ugh, then WHAT is the point of vacation??)
Any how, we stopped at this pet store we go to each time we go, called the "waggin tail". ALMOST came home with another kitty. It was sooooooo cute, but common sense kicked in, telling me I did not want to listen to this critter howl for the better part of 2 1/2 hours.
going to share a few of my fave photos from the trip.
Ethan was so pleased that he could haul a bucket of water up on the beach...

every now and again, I take a picture I actually like... lol

try as he might, Alex just could not get this one to budge.

and this one... if it does not say "daddy's girl", I don't know what does. Disclaimer to any and all future suitors... her dad carries a big stick, and he is not afraid to use

and last, the whole fam...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have one very wet

and very pissed off kitty.
I pull up to the curb, from taking the kids to school in time to see Petie grab a bird out of the air. The poor thing was stunned to say the least. Petie hunkered down next to it, and waited for us to pass. Kimberly says "what's petie doing to the bird Mama?" I said he was trying to catch it, and I shuffled the two littler ones into the house. I walk across the lawn toward the cat and bird, and the little bugger arches up to greet me. His eyes never moved from the bird who was now wet as well, but none the less, petie was happy to see me...Until I picked him up to give the bird a fighting chance. I already have 4 parakeets, I didnot need a cow bird to nurse back to health. As I stood there holding the cat and contemplated the fate of the bird, he took off. As he did Petie growled in my arms....Lying mext to me is petie, after a quick bath, starting to doze off, dreaming about the one that got away.... (stupid human interference)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I do have a lot to post...

but my time has been consumed with other junk...

First, let me send a shout out to my girl patti! Hope you have a speedy recovery! will be thinking of you, and you know you can call on the PLP for help with anything, although we might need to be schooled on how to drive your mower.... lol Love ya'hunny!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


we have an arms length worth or outside things to get done. First on the list, is painting the trellis. Petie's hang out. That should be an interesting feat... then 2 yeards of mulch need to be put in the garden... ugh.
I am debating on wether or not to put the cat in the house when we commense to painting, because I cannot imagine it will be easy to get paint out of his fur....

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have decided,

that after many comments, that I will indeed wirte a book about Petie. I *might* need some help with the editing, but I have decided.
So to all of you who like to read about him, stay tuned, someday you might be able to read about him in print, not just on my blog. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


with a hang over.
I swear he drools.


first. There was an ad in the Martha Stewart magazine for May, to send in your best kitty photo. Of course I will submit one pf Petie, but the question now is: which one?? I mean there are so many to choose from.... I will have to think on that and give you a few to choose from.
Second. I sent away for a "can you write children's books" test. Of course once again you know that the topic will be Petie. Wonder if it should be moved to young adult... I mean I could make it "G", but then I would have to eliminate the furry middle finger that he likes to fly at me, and the murdering and the... hmmm. On second thought if I do that, then it just is not Petie, now is it? We'll see if I pass the test first. I will have to have someone do my typing since the brain works faster than the fingers and that tends to cat ch up with me... See Diane, i did find something to occupy "all my free time"
and last but not least, and totally not petie related, I have some pictures of the kids to add... We went to lockridge park on Sunday.
Kimberly got her costume on Saturday for ballet. She is dancing to "Someday my prince will come". The pictured from the studio will cost me a small fortune, so I decided to take my own. I mean, *sometimes* I do know what I am doing... lol
Here are just a few: bare in mind, of all of the 458 pictures I took, I think I like about a dozen or so. Kimberly either would not look at me, or she would not smile. I think I have ONE where she is looking AND smiling. The boys however, were MUCH more willing participants.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

this has been Petie's

favorite past time as of last. I was just explaining to some girls I chat with, that today, I saw people walking down my street, and when they got to the rose arbor at the end of my walk, they would stop, point and laugh. I just shook my head and walked away, because I knew what they were laughing at. Petie likes to get on top of the arbor and poke his little paws through, and attack andything and everything that comes his way.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Petie escapes solitary

and goes on a murdering spree. so far, one mouse, one snake and one bird..... news at 11.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the VET.....

ok, so I thought I would give an update on Petie... Here is what his toe looked like:
so it is not aw swollen here as it was, but off to the vet we went. We get there, and the vet takes a look... The chainsaw had been thwarted.

no Kevlar. no blood... Of course, they were ready for him, his chart was open on the exam table, with a bunch of red caution stickers all over it.... Maybe they knew? maybe they read my other vet blog post here...
they decided to give him a shot of penicillin, that would last two weeks, and lets add insult to injury (literally) they gave him a rabies shot... The tech came in to help. (all 98 lbs of her) and she was leaning on a hissing, spitting, growling ready at any moment to morph into a chainsaw kitty...I mean all 98 lbs was leaning on him, and he was still climbing out of the towel they were using (I told them they would need the Kevlar)... shots accomplished, and Petie stowed safely in his box, it was time to go. He growled the whole time I was at the front counter paying for his torture. He growled the whole way home. (man, he can hold a grudge, and I even laced the box with catnip, to help ease his pain) I brought him inside, and cautiously opened the box, lest I loose a finger...
we were told to soak his foot in Epsom salt every night, which means, I will be wearing said salt solution. He is on day 3 of house arrest and in foul humor. The birds were out in full force today at all the feeders, have a grand time.
I have a feeling when he is off of house arrest several things will happen. One, he will go on a killing spree. Two- I doubt we'll see him for a night or two...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


has to go to the vet today. Yesterday, his hind foot was insanely swollen, and he will put weight on it, but not much. I soaked it is epsom salt last night, as per the vet. Well, let me rephrase. I soaked my self in epsom salt yesterday, while petie snickered. After "soaking" (ie: me wearing more that he did) I did see where his boo-boo is, and it looks like he ripped his one toe nail. Today, the toe is kind of oozey, which is supposed to happen from soaking in the epsom salt. (so the vet said) This morning, he has an appointment at 9:45 for the vet. I warned then to have the kevlar handy. I am not sure they believe me. Am I a bad pet owner, if I bring my camera??

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just got a 100 on my final!! I was the first one done and i thought I bombed it!

'nuff said!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the problem with being

I was busy today, typing the paper that is due tomorrow (with PLENTY of time to spare) anyhow, when I was finished, I went to back door to let in the dog. It was a rather nice day out, so he was on the deck. Petie strolls in. He goes immediately to the fridge and when it will not open automatically, he looks at me and yowls. I put my hand down to pet him. You remember, right? The time I posted about his arching up to meet us, when we were petting him... anyhow, he arches up on his tippy toes to meet my hand. Somehow is all the antics, he lost his footing. How I have no idea, he has the largest back feet I have seen. (Bugs Bunny would be envious) Petie falls backward, and as to not fall, he takes a step back, RIGHT into the dog's water bowl. His WHOLE backside. Feet, tail, and tush now dripping with water. Not just any water, but water that has been contaminated by those slobbery mutts that he has to put up with. I am sorry, but I stood there, looking at this pathetic sopping wet cat and laughed. I mean out and out belly laugh. Priceless. His ears went IMMEDIATELY flat. He turned, stuck his tail up in the air, went through the doggie door, and stompped down the satirs. Have you ever heard a cat stomp?? he sounded like a herd of elephants.... Wonder if he will arch up to meet our hands anymore?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

want to see what

melts my heart? Every time?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

this post is not for the

squeamish. So I will refrain from posting a picture at the top, and let you read a bit, before seeing the shots. Yesterday was a lovely day out side. We were out the whole afternoon. I pruned my blackberry jungle, and as I was tossing the dead canes into a pile, Petie came alone, and thought is was his own personal jungle gym. Goofy cat. He has this habit, when he goes up to something to "hug"it (cat people will know exactly what I am taking about) and he arches up waaaaaay high on his tippy toes. He sees the dog, and goes over to hug her. He misnegotiated the space however, and while arching and bumping his head into her, he looses his footing and goes ass over tea kettle, missing the dog completely. He jumps to his feet, smacks at the dog, and marches back to the patio. Poor dolly, she's old. She's deaf. She really doesn't care... anyhow, she hauls her old self (she has a touch of arthritis) up off the patio to come see what I am doing, still wrangling the blackberry bush. While she is hauling herself up, Petie starts to stalk her. he plows into her going 240, and as he is about to make impact, she moves. Petie has been thwarted again. He tumbled to the ground, AGAIN. (I swear he skipped the chapter about cats always landing on their feet.)
Anyhow, I move out front, because the kids want to ride bikes.

This is where you squeamish folks need to look away

Anyhow, thoroughly ticked, Petie takes all his aggression out on a snake that he happened to find. Where exactly he found it I have no idea, but find it he did. He showed us his talent for taking it and tossing it in the air. He showed us he could pick it up one paw'd. He showed us he can sit on it.
(don't ask) but most of all, he showed us he can play with it, and just walk away, being the "bigger cat" and all...

Now, you would think that seeing Petie with a snake would catch me a bit off guard. Nope, not in the slightest. The only time my furry companion has caught me off guard was last summer. I was weeding my one flower bed, which was full of tall, bushy flowers. Here I am, elbows deep in the plants, getting the weeds. petie comes dashing into the plants right next to me. Not really thinking much of it, (let's face it, this IS petie we're talking about) anyhow, out pops Petie, right next to me (about an inch from my nose) with a long, dangly, slithery garter snake in his mouth. That caused me to jump and fall on My keester. Had he not dove into the plants, I most likely would have grabbed a handful of snake (**shudder**) while weeding. How exactly he saw this thing I will never know, but he rescued me... lol

he did not "harm" the snake. He merely "wounded" the snake, and dh had to "harm" said snake....

The things we do in the name of Petie...