Monday, August 31, 2009

the first day of school

This is what the kids looked like... The sun was shining, the birds were chirping... And no, I did not do a jig, as much as I wanted to....(thought it might be a *bit* tacky... lol) I did however, see other parents marching their off spring to the building with a spring in their steps... It was quite a phenomenon
All pressed and dressed, the two older ones wanted to leave for school with the promise of seeing their friends again, and opening their craniums up for learning. (sound like an insanely bad advertisement)

Since Petie was out carousing the night before, this was his take of the first day of school. he had the sofa to himself, and no annoying tiny pair of hands trying to fit between his ears for a pet or two.

This had been a full box of crayons when I left with the kids for school. Freckles' take on the first day of school, more crayons for him! That will be ONE colorful poop out int he yard later on this week I am sure. Good thing crayola is non toxic.

This is what I did while the kids were at school. (aside from cleaning the house, did two loads of laundry and put it away, and ran errands) I thought they would like to have a nice snack to come home to. It was kinda fun to make, and I got to separate two bags of M & M's into colored piles.... What could be better than that?

And lastly, this was Petie when I went to pick the kids up from school. Note how the position changed, ever so slightly. Lazy lout. not even 5 hollering kids storming though the front door disturbed him. I am telling you, if lazing about were an occupation, Petie would be a MILLIONAIRE! Well, technically IIII would be said millionaire, since I am the keeper, I mean, HE is the keeper of me.