Monday, July 30, 2007

Kim, this one's for you-

with an exorbitant amount of patience, (that some days I have in spades, and some days, not so much) I was able to snap a few photos of butterflies and bees buzzing around my garden. So cool. I think I have a few more that will be blown up, and hung on my wall.
The bumble bee, was rather by accident, but cool anyhow. Patience. Lots of patience. I love the look of all the pollen in his fuzz.Fur? what exactly do they have?

will be gone for a few days, for a weekend of scrapping, drinking, scrapping, and some much needed gurl time. SOOOO looking foreword to it- the Goose is already packed. (No paper or other supplies, but the Goose.)-priorities, you know?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things that happen

on a Saturday afternoon...
First, Alex was playing with the neighbors granddaughters, and they were riding their bikes. (No training wheels for them) and his bike had training wheels. He came to Dana and asked that they be removed. We know he isn't ready yet, because he hasn't mastered riding his bike with he training wheels on, so that them off, and we would be inviting disaster. Well, They know best, right? Ha ha. Dana took off the trainers, and helped Alex steady himself on his bike, and then, he let go. Alex rode quite a few feet, before realizing Dana wasn't holding on, and then he would tip his bike over. After much praise from us, and the little girl he was playing with. his confidence built, and he tried the stone alley way. That didn't go over as well and the grass. He spilled on the stones, got one very small scrape, and decided he had had enough. A very brave day, indeed.
So after bike riding, the boys went back inside. They decided to play in the basement. Many of you already know, that Dana plays in a band. He plays lead guitar. He has played guitar for as long as I have known him. He teaches guitar lessons. He is all about the guitar. He was practicing for an upcoming gig the have on the 21st. Alex asked if he could play. Dana obliged, and put his guitar on Alex. Alex is left handed, and that will be slightly difficult for Dana to teach him to play, but he will teach him none the less. Alex was thrilled to play. He is such a ham- giving me his best rock star face, and jamming as hard as he could. Looks like I have another guitar hero in the house!! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

While gardening

today, you know, the pulling of the weeds (ugh) and the pruning of roses (didn't wear my gloves, and got pricked 80 billion times)and the trimming of the tree, I see a Swallow tail fluttering around my cone flowers. Last fall, I decided to move them, and half way through, I almost gave up, because it was a royal pain in the backside. I forced myself to finish, and am glad I did. I can see my cone flowers, and daises from my bay window, while I have my coffee in the morning. I love that. Every morning, I get to enjoy these pretty flowers. it is nice to see, that something Else is enjoying them too.
I have some bulbs under my kitchen sink, that are starting to sprout, so I guess I'd better get them in the ground too, so they can bloom by fall time.

That way, I'll have something to enjoy late in the season. Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ever have

one of those pictures, that no matter how many times you looked at it, it just made you smile? One that brought you back to a feeling, a sound or smell? That's what I get, when I look at this picture. It was a hot, sticky day, a hot, sticky night, but so much fun. I promised I would upload a picture from the concert, a while ago, and I just got them uploaded to my account (thanks Kermie, love ya')and here they are. Well, ok here it is, the best one of the bunch.--For all of you out there, who are just a hula girl at heart, this one's for you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happiness is...

Flowers. An unsolicited bunch came for me today, from a dear friend, (thanks M!!)and it just made my day. A bunch of prettiness. A bunch of happiness, a bunch of love. It's nice to know every now and again, that someone is thinking about you :)
Cuter yet, was Kimberly's squeal, "Ma Ma, look, flowers for Krimberly". So, I let her carry them into the house (as proud as can be) and she helped me put them in the pitcher. It's going to make a great page to scrap, and I think I'll do that tonight.
So, thanks again M, and may you looking at these, brighten your day, as much as it did mine.

Monday, July 9, 2007


patiently waiting. Waiting for a human, to come by and scratch his ears. Waiting for a human to toss his frisbee over, and over and over again. Waiting for a human to say : "come on boy, lets go for a walk" That's our freckles- or Freck as we call him. Waiting for us. Waiting by the fence, being patient, knowing his time will come, when he can play too. He's a good boy, a Border Collie, with more energy than even I can fathom. He will catch and bring back the frisbee, until the cows come home and he can't move any more. egads. He loves the kids. He puts up with all the "lovin" Ethan gives him. He is generally the pillow under Alex's head, when watching t.v. Kimberly, well, sometimes she'll throw him a ball, other than that, she leaves him be. Unconditionally, he loves his humans, each one of us.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catch and Release

we went to the lake again tonight, this time, to try and fish. Alex was given a pole, and a trip to Wal-Mart, a fishing license, and a Barbie girl fishing pole, and a bag of corn and we were ready to go. Dana set up all the poles, and in about 2.5 seconds both the kids were board with fishing. (standing still AND quiet for any length of time, is near impossible.)As soon as they settled down to fish, this duck came floating by, and actually walked right up to them. We just so happened to have gram cracker bees in the stroller for a snack, and they set about throwing them into the water for the duck, which she happily ate. She even came up the beach and on the side walk, to see Ethan. That was cute, he got all excited and was throwing things to the "uckie".

While they were fishing, Ethan got board, so we went for a walk, and this is what we saw- standing in the grass, as still as can be.

she was in no hurry, and quite frankly was not phased by us standing there watching her. She walked away from us after a bit, slowly, in no hurry. so after watching her, we leave.
we go back to our fearless fishers, and no sooner did Ethan and I get there, that they caught a fish. I never knew how exciting a sunfish could be. After everyone (except myself...) had a chance to touch this fish, and poke at it, they released it back into the lake. Kimberly fell into the lake, trying to pick something up. Is a trip to the lake complete without someone falling in?

Monday, July 2, 2007

The essence of being Ethan

Take one little boy, a Binky, and a stuffed pink pig, and there you have it. All of Ethan's favorites in one spot. He hauls that pig around where ever he goes. We have three of these pigs. One at my mother's house, ,for emergencies, in case said pig gets lost. Two here, and one is usually in the wash, due to being hauled outside.-Being thrown in a mud puddle, or laid in the dirt, or left in the sand box. He does not sleep with out his pig. In fact in the morning when I get him up, His pig comes out and eats breakfast with him. Covered in pop tarts, he takes his pig to go play. That would be both the pig, and the boy covered in pop tarts... Apparently, he tries to feed him.
The Binky- we never leave home without it. We have hunted for it. We have found it, we have lost it. We have bought several. They are everywhere- in the kitchen, in his bedroom, in the is murder with out it. The two things that keeps my little man happy.