Saturday, July 14, 2007

While gardening

today, you know, the pulling of the weeds (ugh) and the pruning of roses (didn't wear my gloves, and got pricked 80 billion times)and the trimming of the tree, I see a Swallow tail fluttering around my cone flowers. Last fall, I decided to move them, and half way through, I almost gave up, because it was a royal pain in the backside. I forced myself to finish, and am glad I did. I can see my cone flowers, and daises from my bay window, while I have my coffee in the morning. I love that. Every morning, I get to enjoy these pretty flowers. it is nice to see, that something Else is enjoying them too.
I have some bulbs under my kitchen sink, that are starting to sprout, so I guess I'd better get them in the ground too, so they can bloom by fall time.

That way, I'll have something to enjoy late in the season. Enjoy!!!