Monday, July 2, 2007

The essence of being Ethan

Take one little boy, a Binky, and a stuffed pink pig, and there you have it. All of Ethan's favorites in one spot. He hauls that pig around where ever he goes. We have three of these pigs. One at my mother's house, ,for emergencies, in case said pig gets lost. Two here, and one is usually in the wash, due to being hauled outside.-Being thrown in a mud puddle, or laid in the dirt, or left in the sand box. He does not sleep with out his pig. In fact in the morning when I get him up, His pig comes out and eats breakfast with him. Covered in pop tarts, he takes his pig to go play. That would be both the pig, and the boy covered in pop tarts... Apparently, he tries to feed him.
The Binky- we never leave home without it. We have hunted for it. We have found it, we have lost it. We have bought several. They are everywhere- in the kitchen, in his bedroom, in the is murder with out it. The two things that keeps my little man happy.