Monday, March 1, 2010

i promised mom

that I would post about the kids and their snow fort, built from the brick makers.
both boys had fun, and no boy was injured int he making of the fort....

how can 14lbs

of cat(s) sound like a herd of elephants from the Serengeti? Seriously. I mean when they were young, it was kinda funny. Now? damn. have you even had a cat collide into your shin (a rather bony one at that) going mach 12? I had a bruise for a WEEK! did I take a pic? NOOOOOO. seriously, explain that one to the doc... nope I just take pics that show you how sweet they are. Yup. Do I tell you about the bed hog sprawled across my bed at night, weasel I try and watch the T V show LOST. Have you ever SEEN Lost? It is flippin confusing enough, never mind concentrating on contorting so as not to disturb said sleeping weasel, lest your toes be under attack. AND those little buggers can do a 3 ft standing jump. You've seen those videos of a balloon being jumped on and all the air escaping and the end flailing about? Yeah, that was me at 1 a.m., after a marathon of Lost. So, you can see by the afore posted pictures, noting but cute fuzziness and love, right?
Lock your toes up!