Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am finished

with my midterm, and I have 2 1/2 hours to spare. I even managed to get some laundry done in there. (anything to put off the inevitable) Phew! I have 2 10 page papers that are due on the 24 and 26 of march. I am actually going to start looking into that this weekend. Sheeish, are we facing an Armageddon that no one is aware of???

Monday, February 23, 2009

in her Easter dress...

Kimberly got a package from her grandma today, her Easter dress. She was thrilled to get it!! She tried it on, and started to get all vogue.... wonder where she gets it from?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

repeat after me:


Guess who came

strolling in at 3:30?? Yup. Petie. Little bugger. When I went to bed at 11, I called, and called. Nothing. I started to worry, because he was out all day. When we were out, he was not around, which is odd for him. Usually he will see us out, and then he will come over and "hang out" with us. Nothing. Dana was even fixing his 4-wheeler in the garage, and nothing. UGH! Dh was out last night, doing "band things" (check out their website here) anyhow, when he came home, I asked if he had seen Petie. Nope. he was ready for bed, and asked if I was worried. When I told his I was, he pulled on his jeans, and offered to go look for him. (gotta love a man who will go look for a missing kitty) He gets his coat and keys, and opens the front door, and guess who comes in? meowing the whole while. Not sure where he goes or what he does, but it must be fun for him.
Kimberly started dance class again yesterday. She was so excited. SHe will be dancing to "someday my prince will come" in June when the recital is. I will post a picture of her costume, when we get them. I was told should be soon, since the studio does pictures in April.
Alex and Ethan are doing well. Alex is joining cub-scouts. He is excited to do so. They are checking out another troop this thursday, and then they will decide if which one to join.
I am doing something today, that I have never in the hisotry of steph done. I am working on my mid-term. WHat's the signifigance you ask? Well, for those that know me, kow I am the world's WORST procrastinator. The WORST. My mid term is not due until Tuesday at 5:30. This leaves me PLENTY of time. I mean, I have DAYS until it is due. Not sure why I have the urge to do it now, but I am going to go with it. Next thing you know, I will be eating chocolate...(NOT!!) However, it is hard to get started, while I have a very cozy looking kitty snoozing next to me.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

so when the conversation

with your husband starts out as "do you know what your cat did?", you know what is to follow cannot in any way POSSIBLY be good. Innocently, I say, "why no, I have no idea what he has done." (let's face it, with Petie anything is possible). "Come with me" is the next thing that the hubs says. Rut-roh.... We walk into the garage, where he keeps his baby. His 1991 Pontiac Fire bird Formula. He babies this car, and it has residence in the garage now, because of the ice and the snow. I look inside the garage with DH, and what do I see? Petie prints all up and down the hood, windshield and roof. Little muddy paws had a field day. Looks like he had a little kitty party. Hell, it looks like a mosh pit took place. How many times, can one cockamamie cat possibly walk up and down one vehicle?(and there were no slider marks either- you know, when they slide down the windshield because there is no traction...) Oh, and just to let you know, the garage was closed up. I have no idea how that little weasel got in there, get get in he did. I had to supress a giggle, becasue dh was so not thrilled with the cat for doing this. I reminded him that we do have two other (albeit OLD) cats. Nope. he's not buyin' it. It has to be Petie....

Friday, February 13, 2009

So I told you

that Keith and Jen got married. They asked me to take their pictures and I was honored to do so. I will post a few, of the 955 I took...
Also, I want to let you all know, that My niece is getting married tomorrow. It breaks my heart that I am not there with them, to help celebrate, and hold that adorable baby of hers. I want to tell you, that I am so proud of this girl, and I love her very much, but I think she already knows that. And to Eric, I will say you are getting a gem, and best to treasure her always. (or else... ha ha)I do not have any pics of her recently, but I am sure she will be stunning and is a girl after my own heart, she wants to wear flip-flops under her gown.- Rock on girlfriend!!
here are the boys being silly:

they are just so damn cute I can't stand it.

I hope my niece and her new hubs will be as happy as Keith and Jen are. Love you guys. mean it!

ok, so it has been

almost a month since I had anything to post about. Well, scratch that. I always have something to post about. I hvae Petie, afterall. And three kids. Things happen ALL the time. Things have been seriously busy.
Keith and Jen got married the end of Jan. I went away with a group of my best girlfriends the weekend after. man, that was a blast. Lots of laughing. Lots.
the front 6 of Alex's teeth, are loose. All 6. THAT should be interesting when they all come out at once. Poor kid. Kimberly is registered for Kindergarten. Where does the time go? She is so excited to be going to kindergarted, she asks everyday, if she is going. Oy. It is going to be a looooooong summer. lol I am gettign her hair cut a bit shorter next week, I will post a pick then. It is so hard to brush now, I am hoping that when it is a shorter, it will be a bit easier. Not to mention, she will get her springs back! The length has pulled a lot of the curl out. :(
Ok, so the other day I was headed into the kitchen to make dinner. I will tell you now, I cannot walk into the kitchen without two things on my heels. Kimberly, because she wants to hinder my, I mean, help cook, and Petie, because he is one. big. fat. mooch. 'nuff said.
So, I open the fridge, to get out the eggs I need. I turn around and almost drop the eggs because Kimberly is underfoot. Not bothering to turn around, I close the door of the fridge with my foot. (that is something I am adept at...) anyhow, what I missed, was Petie was investigating the contents of the fridge, and climbed in. So, when I closed the door with my foot, while not setpping on my daughter, OR dropping the carton of eggs, I closed the cat in the fridge. (silly cat, should not have been there in the first place.) Anyhow, while going over to the stove to start to cook, I hear a VERY strange and VERY muffed noise. I turn to see if I had accidentally stepped on some fuzzy toes. Nope. None that I can see. I turn back, and I hear the noise again. So I ask Kimberly if she heard it. "yes Mama, petie is in here" Where? I ask. she goes over to the fridge, and opens the door. I am about to tell her to shut the door, when out popps Petie. You can imagine my suprise, when I see a very annoyed, slightly chilled cat coming out of my fridge. WTF? Cats don't belong in the fridge? Shaking my head, I turn back to dinner. I not have one child "helping" to cook, and one very annoyed cat swatting at my leg, yowling. `sigh. it is a wonder I got anything at all done.
the very next day, when I went into the kitchen, guess who was on my heels? Yup, Kimberly AND Petie. Open the fridge, and this time, I watched. petie again climbed in the fridge. Did he learn NOTHING from the prior day? Guess not.
ok. Tuesday of this past week, I was at class. Dana took the kids out, and came home. He left the dome light on because one of the kids did not shut the door right. The neighbor was kind enough to come over to let him know. He walks out with her, to take care of the door, and as she passes under my rose arbor two hairy paws poke through the slats in an attempt to get her. Thankfull she is short, and did not see anything. Imagine the fright that would have been since it was dark out and all. UGH.
Then on Wednsday, I was taking the kids to school. We walk past the tree that has my bird feeder on it. Down jumps a squirrel, and then Petie hot on his tail. The squirrel ran across the street and up the phone pole. Guess who ran across the street and up the phone pole? You guessed it, Petie. Bid dope. he got about 8 ft up, then shimmied down, and climbed up the neighboors tree to try and out smart the squirrel. I swear in a former life, he worked for the KGB or somehting!