Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guess who came

strolling in at 3:30?? Yup. Petie. Little bugger. When I went to bed at 11, I called, and called. Nothing. I started to worry, because he was out all day. When we were out, he was not around, which is odd for him. Usually he will see us out, and then he will come over and "hang out" with us. Nothing. Dana was even fixing his 4-wheeler in the garage, and nothing. UGH! Dh was out last night, doing "band things" (check out their website here) anyhow, when he came home, I asked if he had seen Petie. Nope. he was ready for bed, and asked if I was worried. When I told his I was, he pulled on his jeans, and offered to go look for him. (gotta love a man who will go look for a missing kitty) He gets his coat and keys, and opens the front door, and guess who comes in? meowing the whole while. Not sure where he goes or what he does, but it must be fun for him.
Kimberly started dance class again yesterday. She was so excited. SHe will be dancing to "someday my prince will come" in June when the recital is. I will post a picture of her costume, when we get them. I was told should be soon, since the studio does pictures in April.
Alex and Ethan are doing well. Alex is joining cub-scouts. He is excited to do so. They are checking out another troop this thursday, and then they will decide if which one to join.
I am doing something today, that I have never in the hisotry of steph done. I am working on my mid-term. WHat's the signifigance you ask? Well, for those that know me, kow I am the world's WORST procrastinator. The WORST. My mid term is not due until Tuesday at 5:30. This leaves me PLENTY of time. I mean, I have DAYS until it is due. Not sure why I have the urge to do it now, but I am going to go with it. Next thing you know, I will be eating chocolate...(NOT!!) However, it is hard to get started, while I have a very cozy looking kitty snoozing next to me.....