Monday, May 31, 2010


I hear this. I am in Kimberly's room, and I have just helped her into her **New** 2 piece bathing suit her daddy picked out for her. Now, If I were 46 lbs, I would look JUST as smashing in that suit. OK, no i wouldn't, since I am 6ft, I would look emaciated. It is a cute suit. Notice how I did NOT say bikini?? I do this for several reasons really. 1. she's 6. -I don't think she NEEDS a 2 piece suit.
2. she wants to cheer lead, because she will "look cute in the skirt" according to her. No doubt she will, however, I do not believe that is the reason one should cheer lead. (But since I am OLD, what do I know.)
yet I digress. The husband is going to take the kids into the pool today, so I can get a bit of laundry done, and sit around and pick my toes if I feel like it. (no seriously... I really DON'T pick my toes)
Anyhow, the boys are dressed, and waiting in the living room for their take-forever-to-get-ready sibling. Kimberly skips out of her room to show her brother the new suit that she has been in her room, in the mirror, twisting this was and that, to get different angled looks at her new suit. Sigh.
Alex comes storming up to me and says "MOM! MOM! did you SEE what Kimberly has on?? Don't you think she's a little YOUNG to be wearing THAT?? (to which he points at her new suit.)
With Alex on the scene, I don't think I will have to worry much about the boys... Kimberly, on the other hand, is the reason the grey hairs have been sprouting out of my head at an alarming rate....