Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy halloween...

it is 7:11. We have been out, tricked and treated and now we are home. We are now enjoying seeing all the dressed up kids. Kimberly was a witch, and a very cute one at that, and, highlight of her night, she got to wear REAL "lipsticks"... Alex, was Beetle juice, and Ethan instead of being a "pooky pider" decided he was going to be a kid. lol. It worked. There's always next year. Of coarse, what would Halloween on Elm street be, with out trick or treating for the adults?? How about a shot of wild turkey and a beer chaser?? (how bad can it be, really?) That's my neighbor Phil. Gotta Love Elm street. Any occasion is an excuse for a few shots and a few beers. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's know, the non traditional holidays. Oh, let's not forget President's day. And, I must say, arbor day is way under celebrated.....- just sayin'. Petie is ticked off, because he is now held against his better judgement in our bedroom. He is being held captive, not because I am afraid someone is going to harm him in any way, but last year, he would hide behind the willow tree, and attack the halloweener's. I swear he is manic. I mean seriously. How many cats attack little harmless kids in costumes?? Petie. All I can do is just shake my head.

this is a bit late, but...

better late than never...

When Ethan was sick, he was sent flowers by his grandma. He LOVEd the planter. It is a car, that actually works. The plant is on my kitchen counter, since that did not hold as much appeal (sorry mom). It also had an alligator on it as well. The alliator is on his shelf. the car is played with every day. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


type are you???

You Are Candy Corn

Your Halloween personality is whimsical, colorful, and creative.

You see Halloween as a time to get your creative juices flowing.

Each year, Halloween can't start soon enough for you.

You tend to go all out for Halloween. You decorate like crazy and always dress up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

blog candy

overload! I saw this one, and it is super ca-ute. Oh my cup-caked goodness!!!
check out these eyeclopse night vision giveaway... kinda cool!check out bitten by books herecheck them out...and thanks Pam, for the links!

Ethan's harum

of pigs... He got a collection, and they are well loved.... Hope shnnon is enjoying her mixer as much!


cats supposed to AVOID water?? Silly cat, there was a water bowl filled with fresh water in the kitchen. Was that good enough for Petie?? Noooooooo. He yowled at the back door to go out. I opened it, and he hopped up on the table outside. You can see by the container, it is rather full. it was that was yesterday. The goofy thing paws the water- I mean submerges the paw int he water, then puts his nose in (usually to far, and gets a nose full of water) then he drinks. Part of me would love to be invisible, and just set him off balance to he ends up in the water....
yesterday, he did this with the container of water, then jumped and tried to attack the umbrella. That backfired on him, since that was very wet as well, and he got doused with water! serves him right, for attacking things he ought not to be attacking!

hey- check this out...

it is the cutest little necklace, and if you go here you can see it. you need to see the other beads, they are adorable!!

On other news, Ethan seems to have come out of this just fine. Breathing treatments are finished, and he is bouncing around like normal. I can't believe he and Kimberly have birthdays coming up int he next few weeks... amazing how time flies, no??

I need to upload some pics, my friend marlene gave Ethan some of her daughter's pig collection, and his crib is filled, and he needs them all to go to bed at night. Tell Shannon, they are well loved. ALL of
I am going to go searching for soem blog candy, so you should be seeing some links soon!1

Thursday, October 16, 2008


nope. I don't mean "like totally rad man". I mean Restrictive airway disease. That's what they told me yesterday Ethan has. This is going to require a few weeks of nebulizer treatments. He was wheezing yesterday morning, so I called the ped's back and they told up to come right in. As soon as we went into the room, the nurse asked a few questions, asked me to remove his shirt, had a look stated "he needs to be seen NOW!" and left the room. a swarm of Dr.'s came in to have a look. stethoscopes were flying, watches being checked... and me sitting in the thick of it all, with my heart in m,y feet wondering what was wrong and why was no one saying anything. As soon as some of the commotion calmed down, they spoke to me. (finally). The average little kid takes 30 breaths per minute. he was at 76. his pulse ox was 92. (I inadvertently told dh is was 62...oops) and it needed to be 98. the veins in his neck were bulging out each time he took a breath. so they told me we were moving into another room, and they would give him a breathing treatment. They did that, and he started to breathe easier, and he relaxed against me, on my lap. We took tha machine home and all them meds. (albuterol, pulmocort and steroids) to be able to do this every 3 1/2 hrs. (except when he is sleeping, unless he wakes up) Each time we have a breathing treatment, he sits in my lap, and when I turn the machine on, he puts his face in the mask and sits still until it is done. (no bribing necessary) Of coarse, pig needs a hit too.
he will be fine, and his breathing is easier today, not quite so labored. We go back to the ped's tomorrow, to see if they will start to ween him off. He is still coughing pretty good.-he has laryngitis and fluid on both his ears..., so I hope to see a big improvement today or tomorrow.. Poor little guy!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ever had this happen to

you/or your dh?
Mine LOVES the Redi-whip in a can... He always opens the fridge, takes out the can, puts it in his mouth, and takes a healthy squirt of whipped cream in his mouth. He will continue with this activity, until the whipped cream is gone....
let me rewind a bit. Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I bought this can of pancake batter. I thought nothing more of it. I went to class, and when I came home this is the conversation that took place...

DH- " what the hell is this??" (hold up can)
me- "it's pancake batter, why?"
Dh- "it's just WRONG!! Who puts pancake batter in a redi-whip can?"
Me (suppressing a giggle) "it was marked on the can, why, what happened?"
Dh-" I went and tried to squirt some in my mouth, and all I got was this raw-egg-baking soda crap!"
ok, I will admit, at this point I started to laugh. I mean all out laugh till I almost peed my pants laugh. Once I could contain myself, he went on...
Dh-"I thought b/c you forgot the ice cream for my birthday (bad wife that I am) that you wanted to surprise me. then I put this crap in my mouth, and it was not pretty."
me- in peals of laughter- I just held up my hand, and said "well, you should read the labels"
dh- "I shouldn't have to read a redi-whip can, it should have whipped cream in there. who was the jack ass that had the brilliant idea to put pancakes in there? That is just mean."
at this point, I was still laughing at him. Yes, at him, not with him, not beside him, at him. Somehow, he didn't find it half as amusing as I did. wonder why.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

we went to the

FISh hatchery today. Marlene and Beth were right, it is a very cool place. The kids had a ball!!
Marlene, is that one pic of you and stu taken by that big tree that is there?? I thought I recognized it. lol
we fed the fish, which were VERY hungry, and the kids liked when they would flip to get the food.

we packed a picnic lunch. They liked doing that. what a fun day, and it was beautiful!!!
leaving you with a picture of my boys... my two very sweet, very handsome boys. Made me all teary. reminiscient of days past. I see them as buddies now, I hope they remain best buddies.

Ethan found a dandilion too. I know I said it was the last pic, but he was just so cute, trying to blow it.

try this

and see if YOU can do it...

ball thingie...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I think that

I got the link thing all figured out. (crossing my fingers)
Not much has been going on here, just the normal rat race.
Alex had his 7th birthday this last Saturday. man I can believe he is 7 already!!!! Kimberly will be 5 soon and Ethan 3. Egads. How do they get older when I stay the same?? lol

The kids are off tomorrrow, and it is supposed to rain. UGH. I will only have one other boy, other than mine. I had planned to go to the lake. I may have to bug marlene, and find out where the fish hatchery is. I think they would like that.

On some fun news, Peppermint Mocha creamer is out not. HEAVEN!!! So excited. But now that you are all reading this, I am sure you will run out and buy it, therefore leaving a shortage once again. It is *almost* as good as a Starbucks peppermint mocha... Oh, and speaking of Starbucks, did you know that a cup (tall) of starbucks coffee had 330 MG of caffiene?? A pepsi only has 33. Holy crap!!! No wonder my heart races after drinking one of their coffees.... lol That won't stop me, I will now know where to get the caffiene jolt!!

the blog candy I have posted in previous links, I cannot take credit for, I got the links from Pam's blog, who I met through another message board. (Thanks Pam!!)

last night, dh came home with a present for me! It is a tower that holds 12 x 12 paper and other assorted things. So excited. I am going to spend some time in my scrap space today after I take the kiddies to school and work on organizing it!! :) I'll do my paper tomorrow. -and no, nothing has changed, I am still doing papers last minute, and doing well on them!

that's about it for the mundane-ness here. Nothing whitty to say, of fun to report....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

here are some more.

i AM NOT SURE WHY the links won't work..... rats, but try this site.

this one is nice too.

and I found this one...

blog candy everywhere...

so I have spent my mornign surfing around, trying to find some blog candy, and find it I did.
check it out...
and this one...
and more candy...
check this one out...
holy hangler and stagler batman...
how about this one?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Karen's wedding

was absolutely beautiful. She looked lovely, and had a very nice day, despite the rain. -which had stopped mid morning. It made for some great pictures, with the grey back ground, the lighting was great. I got a few good shots in the 300 I took. Not to much to say today, so I will leave you with a few of my faves.
first, here is the bride and her flower girl.
now, fast forward 20 years.... wonder what she will look like standing next to her daddy...

Pig made it to the wedding and the reception.
he had a good time. He is quite the party pig. And, last but not least, Alex and his grandmas.

what a handsome date he made!!

an update

is coming... I have to upload my pictures, and I finally found a cord. Today is going to be a busy, crazy day. So... hang with me for a few, and I promise to show you some really cute pics...