Wednesday, October 29, 2008


cats supposed to AVOID water?? Silly cat, there was a water bowl filled with fresh water in the kitchen. Was that good enough for Petie?? Noooooooo. He yowled at the back door to go out. I opened it, and he hopped up on the table outside. You can see by the container, it is rather full. it was that was yesterday. The goofy thing paws the water- I mean submerges the paw int he water, then puts his nose in (usually to far, and gets a nose full of water) then he drinks. Part of me would love to be invisible, and just set him off balance to he ends up in the water....
yesterday, he did this with the container of water, then jumped and tried to attack the umbrella. That backfired on him, since that was very wet as well, and he got doused with water! serves him right, for attacking things he ought not to be attacking!