Friday, June 25, 2010

just a quick drive by...

it's hot, and humid, and I am not in the mood to be witty, or even charming... lol
BUT, I did want to pass on the information, that I ACED my final. Yup. ACED it. 25/25! floored, but one more class down three more to go and I will be really edumacated.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

been a while.

and boy howdy do I have stories to tell. LOTS of stories. Pee your pants stories. Some will contain pictures, some, well, you'll just have to rely on my recount (mis spellings and all) to relive my amusement. Story 1.

remember that episode of Sinfield, where they played it backward? Well for this post to make the most amount of sense, start reading from the bottom up....

I promised a story for you, with no pictures... My camera was unfortunately down stairs in my scrap room... Daisy, was on the cat tower. (you know, the 6ft tower in my living room???) anyhow, I looked at her, and she went all "Halloween" on me. Back arched, hairs on end, ears flat back, plastered to her head. WTH says I. I mean, kids are not around (they were playing in their rooms) and the one dog was outside. So, being the deductive person that I am, I followed her line of sight... to the basement door. Now, for those of you in bloggy land, that don't know, I have a kitty door in my basement door, b/c that is where all the kitty "business" gets taken care of. That, and it keeps the dog outta the cat box cafe. (ew.) Anyhow, I looks at the door, and what I see, is our Border Collie's head poked through the hole. She has NO idea what the hell she was looking at. Funnier yet was watching her spit and hop around when I opened the door to let the dog up...
Later that same day, Daisy saw a balloon floating in the kitchen. For what ever reason, she thought it was a good idea to "bat" it around. One bat+ Big bang = halloween kitty.... Daisy does halloween REALLY well!

We have birds. 4 of them. here's the thing... we cover them every night, so they don't wake the house at the crack of dawn. (other wise, we'd have parakeet fricassee for dinner). Well, hubs took the cover off the birds, only to find this... She was NOT up there when I covered them up... Here's the funny part. Parakeets have to tilt their heads side ways to look at something above them... so what you cannot see are 4 little birds, heads contorted sideways to check out the "predator" on top. Daisy, we DO NOT eat family members. No Matter how tasty they might be...

shit rolls down hill. Just sayin'.

Oscar... dude, NOT smart. Do you know, it takes Petie 1.2 seconds to go from sound asleep to kick your ass mode? Yeah, Oscar found it out. I warned him. All that fuzz MUST be in his brains.

The two contestants of wrestle mania IV that takes place on my bed each and every night. For you gambling folks, lay odds on the black one. She would put Jimmy SuperFly Schnooka to shame...

Daisy... good thing she's tiny. I spend time in my sanctuary. (also known as my scrap room) A place, where Petie has not gone. Sure, he comes to the basement, but it is only to snooze on the futon... daisy... she's in one of my paper cubes. She jumps in, turns around and scooches backward, until you go by. Then, she jumps out only to touch you with her paw. Now, when I leave my scrap room, i hit the lights, because I can walk through my basement, and there is no such thing as boogie men, right?? Lemme just say, that I can scream like a 6 year old REEEEALLLLLLy well... 'nuff said.

sorry, this.never.gets.old. EVER. Have a box on the floor? Petie will find a way through it, cat nip or no. This was one of his more lucid moments. No cat nip involved. Love him.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

trying to come up

with something witty to say. What do I have? nada. I could tell you about taking the new kittens to the vet for their first check up. That would NOT be very exciting, because there was no need for Kevlar, like with Petie. The doc would pick them up, examine them, and then they would curl back up on my lap. B-O-R-I-N-G. I could tell you about Petie licking all his fur off again. Not exciting. I could tell you about Oscar and Felix hunting a fly in my bay window. (THAT was funny) I could tell you about Felix digging through the cat food and getting it all over the window. He has a favorite flavor of kibble and will eat ONLY that one piece... Makes a mess every time. I could tell you how Oscar and Felix (well Felix really) has grown so much he dwarfs Petie is size, but Petie will still kick his ass. Every time. And Felix will NEVER learn....
And a closing thought for this morning as I ponder something earth shattering to tell you about, is this. Have you ever seen a cat go bonkers for sparkly pom-poms?? Not the plain ol boring ones. The sparkley ones you used for holiday crafting, the ones the size of a quarter.... I found 20 of then UNDER my stove compliments of Felix and Oscar thankyouverymuch. ~sigh.