Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not much new

here. Just getting hotter as the days go by. Wait, no, I take that back, there is a lot going on here.
Kimberly has been riding her bike everynight and is quite pleased with herself. She has the trainign wheels of coarse, but hey we all have to start somehwere. In other news, Alex has been riding his bike WITHOUT the training wheels. Rock on! Ethan is just kind of puddling along.
The pool is finished, and the kids have been in it almost everyday. I swear they are going to sprout gills. They love, love, love it. It is rather nice to have on hot days.
We buried Pop on Monday. that was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do. I was good through the viewing on Sunday, because I knew I had one more day. Then Monday came. The Marines came, the bag piper came. Holy moly. My heart hurt so much, I thought it was going to burst. I was beautiful, a real tribute to him. I was back at the house, after the burial, with MMC, and I went up to my room, and there was my nail. Right where he put it to hang my gown. And, the painter painted it green. (so it blended better). ~sigh.
On a bright note, dana's band is playing at the Peppercorn pub this sat the 27th at 9. It will be nice to have some mindless fun. And besdies, they are a good band..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I just mixed

my two fav. beverages. Red bull and Grey Goose...
the jury is still out, but i guess it's o.k.- I'll find out later, if I am bouncing off the walls, then I will know it wasn't such a great mix.

Today- anxiety level is high, so I just busied myself. I weeded, trimmed my weeping cherry tree, weeded... then I pruned back the rose bush climbing on my arbor. All while this was going on, I was doing wash, and making "gravy". I still do not get why anyone calls pasta sauce "gravy." to me- "gravy" is something you put on meat. Simple. It is either brown, or tan. Never red. OY. so my first batch of gravy is in the hot bath and the timer just went off.

Tomorrow, we are heading home, for a tough couple of days. Pop will be laid out at the funeral parlor in Narrowsburg ( are there any 6 feet under fans out there??) from 2-4 then from 7-9. Monday, we will be there again at 9, then the service is at 10, then we will go to "inter" him. Inter?? Who comes up with this stuff?? after all that, there will be a reception, and cocktails. (i am seriously going to need one then. I will spend some time with my sister, which I think will be nice. Although, not sure about staying at my mom's. I have been thinking a lot these last fews days, about Pop and what he and MMC mean to me (us). EVERYTHING. For every major (and minor) event they have always been there. Supportive, unquestioning, and loving all the same. Ones you can turn to, for advice, solace, or just a friendly face. I keep thinking about their house, and how odd it will be, not to see him coming around the corner, to engulf me in a bear hug. :( Kimberly, (bless her little independent heart) was petrified of anyone with a beard. Not uncommon, I know lots of kids go through that phase. Pop had a beard. a big fluffy beard. Christmas day, when we went to visit, I thought she would be sent into fits of shrieks, like she had when visiting Santa. Nope. She went over to him, gave him a hug, and then sat on the living room floor to play babies with him. :) She was never afraid of him.

Just put the second batch of sauce in the hot bath. 12 quarts in all... YUM!

Ok I will impart a favorite memory of mine with you all, then I will stop for a bit.
When we got married, My dress was literally 27 lbs. I went to pick it up, the week before the wedding, and had no place to put it. My parents lived in a house trailer, and there was no way the walls would have stood it. So I called Gin. She told me to bring it down, she and Pop would think of something. I get there, dress in hand, and laid it on my bed at their house. (I stayed there a lot as a kid, so I had my own room) anyhow- Pop went into his "back room" and came back up stairs with a 10 penny nail. He put that in the frame of the window, and strung some type of cord, and that is where my dress was, until he delivered it on the morning of the wedding. What is funny here, is they had my room painted last summer. (I also share my room with Grama Yates when she comes) The painter looked puzzled and asked why there was a 10 penny nail in the window frame. he asked if they wanted it removed, and they said no. It is still there. ~sigh.

On a very happy note- it is FINALLY summer. There are a few lightening bugs flying around the boy's room, trying to figure out how to get out...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still no bleach.

still haven't eaten. :( just kinda hangin' out.
Thought I would share a funny with you. I told dana earlier, that I wanted to buy an English bulldog. You know- the ones with the fangs on the bottom jaw poking through their lips? The ones that are so stinkin ugly they're adorable? And, I would name him Fang. That is just a great bull dog name. So being the good hubby that he is- he started researching how much they cost, where to get them, etc. He calls me back, and tells me- I have good news, and I have bad news. Hit me with the bad news first. They cost between 1800-2500.00 egads. ~sigh. BUT, he stoically says, I have found a domesticated turkey for only 100.00. Ok, Ok, Ok- wait a minute. A turkey is NOT the same as a bull dog. AND, have you ever heard of a turkey named Fang, I ask. Well, he says, we can still name the turkey Fang- and, just think when he dies, we can cook him- no burial needed! Egads. So I can safely tell you I am not getting the bulldog, OR the turkey.
I called my sister for the umpteenth time today and shared this bit of news, because she can use a pick me up too. She tells my nephew Dylan, who is HIGHLY amused by this idea, and he thinks we should buy him... (No Dylan).
ok, that's it. nothing more.maybe later, maybe not.


Ok, so most of you know, when I stress, or when I don;t know what to do with myself- I clean. Not just any clean, but bleach everything I can get my hands on...
So this morning, after I got home at 1:30, I went to bed at 4:30, and was up at 7 with the kids. I paced. and paced. why, not entirely sure, but I paced. I could not figure out what to do with myself. So I decided to put all of my energy to use. I started to put the wash away, and then I reached for the bottle of bleach. Bleach- the calm, the cleaning, the scrubbing- Just what I needed. I looked under the kitchen cabinet to find my trusty bottle of clorox clean up. I wasn't there. No bigggie. It was in the bathroom, when I bleached it just this past weekend. No dice. Crap. Where the &@%$#$@ is my bleach?? I have hunted and hunted, and it is no where to be found. ~sigh. NOW WHAT?
still having no idea what to do, I took the kids to the lake, to look for Monarch caterpillar eggs. Nope. (man, am I batting a thousand, or what) I did find some gold colored eggs, and with my luck it will be some type of tarantula. going to google thAT when I get a minute.
I also, I think need to eat something. I had dinner on Tuesday night. I think. I forgot to eat anything yesterday, and quite frankly- food is not appealing. I am going to lay down for a bit, kids are "napping"- and since I can't find the bleach bottle, guess I should do something constructive? LOL

Good- Bye Pop.

I don't even know where to begin. My heart is broken, so broken, it physically hurts. Pop passed just a little bit ago. I got a call from Denice, saying Gin asked her to come. I knew then, it as not good. I called ICU, and talked to the one nurse. She was very kind, and explained all that was going on, they had to take him off of the dialysis machiene, because it was doing no good anymore. They had done all they could. :(
I drove up...I only hit 90 twice. (shhh... don't tell)
I got there at 6:30, and Denice and Gin were there. They started to wean him off of the vent. Slowly. Then they removed the tube. That was at 8. We sat and talked, and giggled at a few goofy things that were said- funny what you choose to talk about, in a time when you have nothing to say, but need things to be "normal".(I believe Kermit the frog smoking pot came up, and Robin Williams singing a song, in his Elmer Fudd hat and impression...)
Pop's heart rate was very strong. They gave him a morphiene drip, to keep him comfortable, in a "euphoric" state they called it. And then- it just stopped. His heart rate just started to go down, until the monitor showed a straight line. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do- just watch some one I love very much, slip away. So they three of us held hands, and pop, and huddled around his bed as he drew his last breath. We left the hosp. and it was very surreal. I drove home, and I think it started to hit me as I was coming upon the Lehigh valley tunnel. All the memories, all the laughs, and the not-so-great times too. I will miss you- and I love you. Always. Forever. Peace.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bad, bad blogger...

Ok, well I do have a reason or two... We were at the shore last week, and it was nothing but Cape May goodness. We even poked around into the prices of property. You can get a "lot" right across the street from the ocean, for the bargain basement price of 1.7 mil. Empty lot. Not even a weed to call your own. Egads, who can afford that stuff??? We saw some further off the beach, for 689,000. Yikes some more. But, what we did find- a fishing shack in every sense of the word, right across from the beach for 159,000. It was more like a lean-to really. But the article said, " buy small and build up". So I guess it can be done...
Other news- and there is a lot. Our Kitty Herman was diagnosed with Liver cancer on Sat. He is comfortable for now, and doing his every day stuff, but as soon as he stops, it will be time. ~Sigh. he is such a sweet boy too. He is 14 though, or at least almost, so he has had a good run. That doesn't mean we won't miss him.
Mom had her surgery on May 30, and that went well. She is doing great, as a matter of fact, she gets her staples out today. Her friend laura is bringing her to Abington. (thanks Laura!)
And last, but certainly not least. A very good family friend is dying. I have known George since I was 9. I barged my way into his and Ginny's lives. They both have been like parents to me and my sister. My heart is breaking. He was unable to come to my graduation, because he was swollen at that point, and in the hosp. waiting to get better. He is in the final stages of liver disease. Gin called me last night, and told me he is intubated, and really the only organ working is his heart. Gin has signed a DNR, since he would have no quality of life. I am waiting for dana to get home now, so I can go home and see him. pray for him. Pray that is he is going to go, go quickly and with peace. Pray for a miracle. Pray for no pain. Pray for Gin, to keep her strength, and give her the strength to get through this time. They have no children, aside from my sister and me, and no siblings. I love you, Pop. always. forever.