Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not much new

here. Just getting hotter as the days go by. Wait, no, I take that back, there is a lot going on here.
Kimberly has been riding her bike everynight and is quite pleased with herself. She has the trainign wheels of coarse, but hey we all have to start somehwere. In other news, Alex has been riding his bike WITHOUT the training wheels. Rock on! Ethan is just kind of puddling along.
The pool is finished, and the kids have been in it almost everyday. I swear they are going to sprout gills. They love, love, love it. It is rather nice to have on hot days.
We buried Pop on Monday. that was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do. I was good through the viewing on Sunday, because I knew I had one more day. Then Monday came. The Marines came, the bag piper came. Holy moly. My heart hurt so much, I thought it was going to burst. I was beautiful, a real tribute to him. I was back at the house, after the burial, with MMC, and I went up to my room, and there was my nail. Right where he put it to hang my gown. And, the painter painted it green. (so it blended better). ~sigh.
On a bright note, dana's band is playing at the Peppercorn pub this sat the 27th at 9. It will be nice to have some mindless fun. And besdies, they are a good band..