Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good- Bye Pop.

I don't even know where to begin. My heart is broken, so broken, it physically hurts. Pop passed just a little bit ago. I got a call from Denice, saying Gin asked her to come. I knew then, it as not good. I called ICU, and talked to the one nurse. She was very kind, and explained all that was going on, they had to take him off of the dialysis machiene, because it was doing no good anymore. They had done all they could. :(
I drove up...I only hit 90 twice. (shhh... don't tell)
I got there at 6:30, and Denice and Gin were there. They started to wean him off of the vent. Slowly. Then they removed the tube. That was at 8. We sat and talked, and giggled at a few goofy things that were said- funny what you choose to talk about, in a time when you have nothing to say, but need things to be "normal".(I believe Kermit the frog smoking pot came up, and Robin Williams singing a song, in his Elmer Fudd hat and impression...)
Pop's heart rate was very strong. They gave him a morphiene drip, to keep him comfortable, in a "euphoric" state they called it. And then- it just stopped. His heart rate just started to go down, until the monitor showed a straight line. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do- just watch some one I love very much, slip away. So they three of us held hands, and pop, and huddled around his bed as he drew his last breath. We left the hosp. and it was very surreal. I drove home, and I think it started to hit me as I was coming upon the Lehigh valley tunnel. All the memories, all the laughs, and the not-so-great times too. I will miss you- and I love you. Always. Forever. Peace.


Anonymous said...

You know, of the most beautiful gifts we can be given is to honor someone we love by being there as they pass over into the next Life.

Just like watching a baby come into the world is a gift, so is a loved one's last breath.

You don't feel that way now, and it's giong to take a while, but you were witness to a very special time, and you were together with poeple who love your Pop.

Anyway, prayers going up for you and The Fam.

MelB. said...

I am really sorry Steph.