Saturday, March 15, 2008

First day update

Ok, sa I said I would do this a while ago, and I got side tracked. I have been busy...
Mornings. OY. Can I just say, that I never knew 5:30 existed? Evil, evil, chickens. I have gotten up each morning at 5:30, gotten ready, gotten the kids up at 6, and then to Beth by 6:30. (sorry Beth). And, at 6:30, Beth is there, witha smile, and she's already up and dressed. (I would so be in my p.j.'s)
The school is cool, the classes start at 7:25. (holy canoli), and there are 4 blocks. I teach Honors 12, in block 1 and 3, and bolck 4, is academic grade 10. So far, so good. Next week, there are three days of classes, then we are off for Easter break. The week after, is a whole week, then the week after, I go away for a few days with some great girlfriends, for a scrappin' weekend. I am sooo looking foreward to that.
I ahve found out this week, that the English dept, is a bunch of video game phanatics. So, I think Thursday, we will ahve game night here... shold be a ton of fun.
Will keep you posted, and I will post a pic of the school, when I take one!



nothing says loving, like a jar of Jelly Belly jellybeans. And no Christina, there is no gelatin. lol

First lost tooth...

Alex lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. Man, was he excited. It took some coaxing to let daddy help him extract it, but extract he did. Alex went and put his tooth in a cup of water and put that on his dresser, for the tooth fairy to come and find it. And, find it she did. she left him 2.00 next to his cup, and his tooth, (which is safely stowed in Dana's dresser drawer)will remain there until we figure out what to do with it. I mean, quite honestly, it grossed me out, but Dana insisted we save it. (ew) I can handle puke, i can handle poop. I so cannot handle teeth. I know...wimp.

Meeting the Easter Bunny

So today, we decide it is time to take the kids on the yearly trek to see the Easter Bunny. Equipped with the pig, the Binky, and all the kids we head out. We get to the over crowded mall, and there was NO line. Gasp. Can this really be the Gods looking down, and smiling upon me? Why yes, yes it was. We were in line all of 30 seconds, and I squat down by Ethan in the stroller and start to talk to him about the Easter Bunny. He gets excited and clapped and said "bunny" several times. So, I think (and I should So know better) that he will be fine.
He wasn't afraid of Santa was he, I thought as we waited for our turn. Oh, that's RIGHT, we didn't take them last year. (I know, they will be in therapy for years to over come this tragic mistake, but hey, this big fuzzy white thing isn't nearly as intimidating as a fat guy in a red suit and fake bread, is it?) Silly, silly girl.
I pick Ethan out of the stroller, and think (Mistake 2) that I will be able to get the Binky from his lips. No go. I knew better than to take the Pig. The filthy, pink Pig. He loves Pig. You have seen Pig, in several entries. In fact, I even have a spare Pig at my mother's, in case we loose said Pig. Yet I digress.
Dana is in charge of standing by the kids, so I can get some shots of them, while the girl behind the counter, slaps the counter to get their attention. (I wouldn't have looked at her either, quiet frankly). But, whatever. She squeaks this annoying toy, while slapping the counter and gets slightly agitated when they don't look. Mean while, the poor rabbit, is holding a squirming Ethan on his lap, who wants NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to do with this white, fuzzy, long eared, critter that is holding him captive. Meanwhile, Kimberly and Alex and pleased as punch to be sitting next to this critter. Dana made a quick move and grabbed the Binky from his lips, and the girl thankfully snapped the shot, before he started to cry when he realized he had the Pig, but no Binky. We're done here. I rescue Ethan, and we go to pay for the shots just taken. The girl behind the counter gives the kids little cardboard houses, with plastic eggs inside. OK, I can handle that. The kids want the right away, so I say OK, what harm can a lollipop do? yeah. OK. Nope, no lollipops. JOLLY RANCHERS. yeah, that's a great thing to give to small children, small hard candies, perfect for choking. I take the eggs away, with the promise we'll find some other candy to replace it with. (Never found any, accidentally on purpose- yet another thing they will be in therapy for years over) dang- at this rate I'd better have a live in therapist... lol. Tomorrow, we take them to get their formal pics taken. God give me strength.

Does it get

any better than this??
I walked into the boys' room the other day to run the vacuum, and guess what I found?? Petie curled up, asleep in Ethan's crib. Man alive, he will sleep ANYWHERE! He is so not picky. I guess in there he figured no one could get to him, and because he looked so comfy, I let the vacuuming go... That cat is getting in the way of everything, and is looking cute while doing so.

Monday, March 10, 2008

On the eve of my first day

at a new school, I find myself feeling all kinds of things. One, anxiety to the hilt. 1. Kimberly is still sick, she is running a fever of 102, and is complaining of a sore throat. I have never not been there when they are sick. Fighting with myself about that.
2. It is a new school....
3. for those of you that know me, know that I sooooo do not do mornings. I will have to be at the school at 7, which means I will need to drop the kids to Beth by 630. (sorry Beth) So, that in and of its self is nerve wracking. ~sigh. And Marlene, it might as well be Moby Dick... ha ha

on a really sweet note, I stopped by Faith Christian today, they made me some thing. They took class pics, and they all wrote something to me. It was so very sweet, and it means alot that the kids I got to know did that for me.

The school I am going to if huflangous. I mean serioulsy. Not like the little one I came from. Egads.

the Pic I have posted, is Petie sleeping on all of my plans. Perhaps that is why it took so long to get them done??? petie... My late night lesson plan buddy... Ok, well I will keep you posted on my first day. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

do you know what I

am listening to right now?? Buffet? Nope. (However the tickets do go on sale tomorrow morning). I pod? Nope. Some soothing non headbanging metal music? Nope. Musical sneezes. Yup. All three kiddos have a cold. All three are sneezing. All three are running low grade fevers. Super. I start a new school on Tues. (and ironically enough, then piece of lit that will be studied the end of march is none other than the infamous Jonathan Swift and Gulliver's Travels...) well, at least I can say I know it well... ha ha ah(Insert insane laugh here) ha ha

My friend Paul had probes put inside his head last Tues, so they might be able to pin point where his seizure are coming from. Please keep him and his mom (Hi Sue) in your thoughts, they are super people, and this is just a tough time. He will be in Jefferson Hosp for two weeks to a month. Get well soon Buddy.

on other news, not much else is going on. I see my tulips and daffodils are starting to come up. Yea. Spring is right around the corner. (I hope)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How does the time

get away from me??? Well, ok, I know how the time gets away from me, the cronic procrastinator that I am...
Student teaching at the christian school went well, and now I am off to another high school to get a taste fo both worlds... I am excited and nrevous all at the same time to be here, it is a huge school, not like the other one, that had like 130 kids in the highschool total. The one good thing is, I will be teaching two honors 12 classes, so I can use the same lesson plan for both classes. Then I will be teaching American Lit to the 10th grade. so the work load will be prehaps a bit less. The funny thing, with the 12th grade, what she is teaching in March, is none other than the famous Jonathan Swift, and Gulliver's travels...So that one should be a piece of cake for me.... ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Kimberly is doing well in ballet, her little recital is in June, and her costume is just to stinking cute. I snapped pics of her at the bar doing warmups, and I will have to pop them up here as soon as I can.
During the last snow storm, ALex and I made a snow man, and Ethan rode on my neighboor's tractor with him. It was cute. Kimberly made snow bunnies. ok, they are not where I thought they would be, so I will have to upload them later as well, so for now, nothign fun to look at, just words. Plain boring ol words.