Saturday, March 8, 2008

How does the time

get away from me??? Well, ok, I know how the time gets away from me, the cronic procrastinator that I am...
Student teaching at the christian school went well, and now I am off to another high school to get a taste fo both worlds... I am excited and nrevous all at the same time to be here, it is a huge school, not like the other one, that had like 130 kids in the highschool total. The one good thing is, I will be teaching two honors 12 classes, so I can use the same lesson plan for both classes. Then I will be teaching American Lit to the 10th grade. so the work load will be prehaps a bit less. The funny thing, with the 12th grade, what she is teaching in March, is none other than the famous Jonathan Swift, and Gulliver's travels...So that one should be a piece of cake for me.... ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Kimberly is doing well in ballet, her little recital is in June, and her costume is just to stinking cute. I snapped pics of her at the bar doing warmups, and I will have to pop them up here as soon as I can.
During the last snow storm, ALex and I made a snow man, and Ethan rode on my neighboor's tractor with him. It was cute. Kimberly made snow bunnies. ok, they are not where I thought they would be, so I will have to upload them later as well, so for now, nothign fun to look at, just words. Plain boring ol words.