Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meeting the Easter Bunny

So today, we decide it is time to take the kids on the yearly trek to see the Easter Bunny. Equipped with the pig, the Binky, and all the kids we head out. We get to the over crowded mall, and there was NO line. Gasp. Can this really be the Gods looking down, and smiling upon me? Why yes, yes it was. We were in line all of 30 seconds, and I squat down by Ethan in the stroller and start to talk to him about the Easter Bunny. He gets excited and clapped and said "bunny" several times. So, I think (and I should So know better) that he will be fine.
He wasn't afraid of Santa was he, I thought as we waited for our turn. Oh, that's RIGHT, we didn't take them last year. (I know, they will be in therapy for years to over come this tragic mistake, but hey, this big fuzzy white thing isn't nearly as intimidating as a fat guy in a red suit and fake bread, is it?) Silly, silly girl.
I pick Ethan out of the stroller, and think (Mistake 2) that I will be able to get the Binky from his lips. No go. I knew better than to take the Pig. The filthy, pink Pig. He loves Pig. You have seen Pig, in several entries. In fact, I even have a spare Pig at my mother's, in case we loose said Pig. Yet I digress.
Dana is in charge of standing by the kids, so I can get some shots of them, while the girl behind the counter, slaps the counter to get their attention. (I wouldn't have looked at her either, quiet frankly). But, whatever. She squeaks this annoying toy, while slapping the counter and gets slightly agitated when they don't look. Mean while, the poor rabbit, is holding a squirming Ethan on his lap, who wants NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to do with this white, fuzzy, long eared, critter that is holding him captive. Meanwhile, Kimberly and Alex and pleased as punch to be sitting next to this critter. Dana made a quick move and grabbed the Binky from his lips, and the girl thankfully snapped the shot, before he started to cry when he realized he had the Pig, but no Binky. We're done here. I rescue Ethan, and we go to pay for the shots just taken. The girl behind the counter gives the kids little cardboard houses, with plastic eggs inside. OK, I can handle that. The kids want the right away, so I say OK, what harm can a lollipop do? yeah. OK. Nope, no lollipops. JOLLY RANCHERS. yeah, that's a great thing to give to small children, small hard candies, perfect for choking. I take the eggs away, with the promise we'll find some other candy to replace it with. (Never found any, accidentally on purpose- yet another thing they will be in therapy for years over) dang- at this rate I'd better have a live in therapist... lol. Tomorrow, we take them to get their formal pics taken. God give me strength.