Sunday, March 9, 2008

do you know what I

am listening to right now?? Buffet? Nope. (However the tickets do go on sale tomorrow morning). I pod? Nope. Some soothing non headbanging metal music? Nope. Musical sneezes. Yup. All three kiddos have a cold. All three are sneezing. All three are running low grade fevers. Super. I start a new school on Tues. (and ironically enough, then piece of lit that will be studied the end of march is none other than the infamous Jonathan Swift and Gulliver's Travels...) well, at least I can say I know it well... ha ha ah(Insert insane laugh here) ha ha

My friend Paul had probes put inside his head last Tues, so they might be able to pin point where his seizure are coming from. Please keep him and his mom (Hi Sue) in your thoughts, they are super people, and this is just a tough time. He will be in Jefferson Hosp for two weeks to a month. Get well soon Buddy.

on other news, not much else is going on. I see my tulips and daffodils are starting to come up. Yea. Spring is right around the corner. (I hope)