Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still no bleach.

still haven't eaten. :( just kinda hangin' out.
Thought I would share a funny with you. I told dana earlier, that I wanted to buy an English bulldog. You know- the ones with the fangs on the bottom jaw poking through their lips? The ones that are so stinkin ugly they're adorable? And, I would name him Fang. That is just a great bull dog name. So being the good hubby that he is- he started researching how much they cost, where to get them, etc. He calls me back, and tells me- I have good news, and I have bad news. Hit me with the bad news first. They cost between 1800-2500.00 egads. ~sigh. BUT, he stoically says, I have found a domesticated turkey for only 100.00. Ok, Ok, Ok- wait a minute. A turkey is NOT the same as a bull dog. AND, have you ever heard of a turkey named Fang, I ask. Well, he says, we can still name the turkey Fang- and, just think when he dies, we can cook him- no burial needed! Egads. So I can safely tell you I am not getting the bulldog, OR the turkey.
I called my sister for the umpteenth time today and shared this bit of news, because she can use a pick me up too. She tells my nephew Dylan, who is HIGHLY amused by this idea, and he thinks we should buy him... (No Dylan).
ok, that's it. nothing more.maybe later, maybe not.