Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catch and Release

we went to the lake again tonight, this time, to try and fish. Alex was given a pole, and a trip to Wal-Mart, a fishing license, and a Barbie girl fishing pole, and a bag of corn and we were ready to go. Dana set up all the poles, and in about 2.5 seconds both the kids were board with fishing. (standing still AND quiet for any length of time, is near impossible.)As soon as they settled down to fish, this duck came floating by, and actually walked right up to them. We just so happened to have gram cracker bees in the stroller for a snack, and they set about throwing them into the water for the duck, which she happily ate. She even came up the beach and on the side walk, to see Ethan. That was cute, he got all excited and was throwing things to the "uckie".

While they were fishing, Ethan got board, so we went for a walk, and this is what we saw- standing in the grass, as still as can be.

she was in no hurry, and quite frankly was not phased by us standing there watching her. She walked away from us after a bit, slowly, in no hurry. so after watching her, we leave.
we go back to our fearless fishers, and no sooner did Ethan and I get there, that they caught a fish. I never knew how exciting a sunfish could be. After everyone (except myself...) had a chance to touch this fish, and poke at it, they released it back into the lake. Kimberly fell into the lake, trying to pick something up. Is a trip to the lake complete without someone falling in?