Monday, July 9, 2007


patiently waiting. Waiting for a human, to come by and scratch his ears. Waiting for a human to toss his frisbee over, and over and over again. Waiting for a human to say : "come on boy, lets go for a walk" That's our freckles- or Freck as we call him. Waiting for us. Waiting by the fence, being patient, knowing his time will come, when he can play too. He's a good boy, a Border Collie, with more energy than even I can fathom. He will catch and bring back the frisbee, until the cows come home and he can't move any more. egads. He loves the kids. He puts up with all the "lovin" Ethan gives him. He is generally the pillow under Alex's head, when watching t.v. Kimberly, well, sometimes she'll throw him a ball, other than that, she leaves him be. Unconditionally, he loves his humans, each one of us.


Anonymous said...

okay . . obviously your border collie gets much more exercise than my annika does . . .or less food. i think annika is twice as broad... although she looks a little bit better now that i have been grooming her every day. i think we have enough hair for a whole other dog.


Anonymous said...