Saturday, June 30, 2007

what's better than going to a Buffet concert?

is there such a thing? Yes, I will tell you- going to a Buffet concert with your sister!!!
This year, I got the opportunity to see Buffet. I was given 2 tickets, and since the dear hubby was on call, I needed a date. I called my sister, who was more than happy to oblige. We went with a friend of mine, and friends of hers. (Hi Shirley, Kim and John!!) We drove down to Camden, and tailgated until 7pm, when we made our way to the concert. I smuggled a camera in, well John did. (thanks again John) and got some pics, which I am waiting for my sister to upload for me. (insert foot tapping impatiently here)The show was fabulous. He was more mellow this year, choosing songs from his "Take the Weather With you cd. That's ok though- that is one of the cds I listen to when I scrap.
We saw alot of sights that day, seriously, I don't think people look int he mirror, before they leave the house. YIKES!
I will update with concert pics, when I get them. It was such a great time, and I would do it again in a heart beat- we are already planning on next year...


Sarah said...

Ack! I'm sooooo jealous!
We went to Buffett two years ago, my first time, and it was a blast. I couldn't believe what a party goes on in the parking lot!
Glad you had fun!

Rachael said...

Sounds like a great time!!!

kermie said...


yes we did have a great time, and yes we will go again, and I will have the pool. the pics will be sent to you soon I need the pics you took also gotta go gotta love buffett.


kermie said...

yes you are waiting on a friend to upload the pics. they will be there sooner than you think. although i do need yours also. the time was grand I don't think i could have had a better time if i tried real hard. I have the pool for next year!!!!!

thanks Kermie

Anonymous said...