Monday, June 25, 2007

Going to the lake...

to have a picnic. Charcoal? Check.
Burgers and dogs? Check. Salads? Check. Tin foil? check.
Plastic Forks? Check. Ice, and drinks? Check.
Lighter to light the charcoal? Nope. Fork to turn the meat? Nope. Mustard and Ketchup? Nope. So, we had to improvise. I could do that on almost all, but the matches. I found the Ranger man, and he just so happened to have a lighter, which he graciously let me have. (thank you Mr. Ranger man...)

So we had dry dogs and burgers. With no real fork to turn the meat, we used plastic forks. Did you know that they melt when close to the flames? Well, not close to the flame, but to the charcoal smoldering in the grill. So, we had to move quickly. It worked, but we did loose one to the grill...OOPS!

After dinner, Dana and Kimberly went fishing. Didn't catch anything, but they did have a good time.

we took a walk along some of the trails, and that was nice too. A perfect way to wrap up a beautiful weekend.

It is supposed to be hotter that blazes tomorrow, and we are going to see Jimmy Buffet. (Thanks MMC)