Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today, was Alex's very first dentist appointment. Ok coarse I needed to take him, camera in hand. He told me this morning, he did not want a root canal. After trying to assure him (without giggling) that this would certainly not be the case for him, he agreed. All morning he kept asking "is it time yet?" Just like if he were going to a party.
he went into the room, like a trooper, and when he came out, I asked him how it went this was the conversation that took place:

me: So, Alex, what did you think?
Alex: Mom, he waxed my teeth, and it tickled.
me: he waxed your teeth? How did he do that?
Alex: Yes, he did, with the spinny thing on the end of the tooth brush.
so there you have it. Dentists now do waxing.