Saturday, June 30, 2007

it must have been a full moon

last night, things were crazy. First off, Kimbelry and Alex didn't go to bed until 10:30. So the last time I go in to check on them, get everyone back in their beds, I find ALex, in Kimberlys bed. No big thing, so I ask him to get out of his bed, and into his own. He climbs out, and stands before me. The light wasn't on, but I knew he was in more than what I put him in for bed. I flip the light on- to find, that he was wearing: a clean pull up, a pair of her knit capris, and an off the shoulder summer top. and, all of her cloths were out of her drawer and on the floor. That annoyed me, because I had just put them in there earlier in the day. *sigh* what's a mom to do. No pics this time, I was was to annoyed with the mess I would have to once again clean up. (at least it wasn't blue paint)
We are having a picnic on Tues with our neighboors, to celebrate the 4th. WHta are you doing??