Tuesday, June 12, 2007

aaaaaah, the smell of

a freshly bleached bathroom, kitchen , and a shampooed living room carpet. That is, of coarse, after I mowed the front and back yard. Yup. All before 2. Now, just looking for things to do. Dinner has been made, eaten, and cleaned up- my dishwasher softly humming in the background. Ethan and Kimberly are playing in Dora's castle. (I swear, that little hunk of plactic has more houses than people I know...)

going to hunt up something to do now. What did you do today??


Rollie said...

BLECK! BLEACH! Headache!

I made the teachers album for tommorrow, and worked at the best little store mlpa! Took Josh to lacrosse practice, Dairy Queen and read your blog!

Anonymous said...

what ya cleaning for stuffie??? having company anytime soon???

you know i love you . . .even if it's not reciprocated . . .


Anonymous said...

keep up the bleaching kid, makes for a gleaming house and dried out hands.

Worked, washed clothes, washed dishes, paid bills, read mail, played with dog, went to hosp, home sleep, yada yada yada!


Anonymous said...