Tuesday, April 21, 2009


first. There was an ad in the Martha Stewart magazine for May, to send in your best kitty photo. Of course I will submit one pf Petie, but the question now is: which one?? I mean there are so many to choose from.... I will have to think on that and give you a few to choose from.
Second. I sent away for a "can you write children's books" test. Of course once again you know that the topic will be Petie. Wonder if it should be moved to young adult... I mean I could make it "G", but then I would have to eliminate the furry middle finger that he likes to fly at me, and the murdering and the... hmmm. On second thought if I do that, then it just is not Petie, now is it? We'll see if I pass the test first. I will have to have someone do my typing since the brain works faster than the fingers and that tends to cat ch up with me... See Diane, i did find something to occupy "all my free time"
and last but not least, and totally not petie related, I have some pictures of the kids to add... We went to lockridge park on Sunday.
Kimberly got her costume on Saturday for ballet. She is dancing to "Someday my prince will come". The pictured from the studio will cost me a small fortune, so I decided to take my own. I mean, *sometimes* I do know what I am doing... lol
Here are just a few: bare in mind, of all of the 458 pictures I took, I think I like about a dozen or so. Kimberly either would not look at me, or she would not smile. I think I have ONE where she is looking AND smiling. The boys however, were MUCH more willing participants.