Saturday, June 13, 2009

today is supposed to

be another sunny day. (let's hope)
The fence has not dried out yet from all the rain, so I think it is going to be another day of no fence painting. At this rate, it will take me all summer to paint the fence. (oh well)
I want to find a place to pick cherries. I would love to make cherry preserves, or something like that. Since I am heading into jelly making season.... The blackberry bush that I cut back, in hopes to kill it, has come back bigger and stronger than I ever imagined. It is seriously holding up the hubs garage, and is now starting to grow INTO the garage. If anyone likes blackberries, please feel free to stop by with a bucket and pick until your heart is content. I will make jelly again this year, but will strain out the seeds. Nothing worse that seed riddled jam. blech.
I weeded out the gardens yesterday, and now today I am hoping to plant some of the seeds I started. The rain is good for something, right? lol Not real conducive to warming up the pool however....