Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just got back

from Cape may... man, we picked the most ROTTEN week to go, but we went anyhow. perhaps we are gluttons for punishment, but hey, it's the beach, how bad can it be, right? I mean, what is the shore with out a sand filled beds, a little sunburn and some taffy??? We went to the zoo, and went to the beach, went to our favorite place to dine, Mugs, and ate waaaaay to much. We went to our favorite bar, Carneys, well, ok not Carney's since they were not open for the season yet (babies), so we went to Cabanas. Drank waaaaaaay to much, but that was the beauty of having a room right on the main drag, you can stumble home. I am glad to be home, however. It was a busy time, and the kids were getting cranky toward the end, they wanted to either be on the beach (who can blame them) ot playing toys in the room (ugh, then WHAT is the point of vacation??)
Any how, we stopped at this pet store we go to each time we go, called the "waggin tail". ALMOST came home with another kitty. It was sooooooo cute, but common sense kicked in, telling me I did not want to listen to this critter howl for the better part of 2 1/2 hours.
going to share a few of my fave photos from the trip.
Ethan was so pleased that he could haul a bucket of water up on the beach...

every now and again, I take a picture I actually like... lol

try as he might, Alex just could not get this one to budge.

and this one... if it does not say "daddy's girl", I don't know what does. Disclaimer to any and all future suitors... her dad carries a big stick, and he is not afraid to use

and last, the whole fam...


Marlooney said...

Those are GREAT pictures!!!! And if you're so inclined toward getting another kitty.....then you might not want to check out my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

They are definately some great shots! Ethan looks more like you everyday. Your beach week was like my camping week last year. At least I could drink!


Anonymous said...