Monday, November 17, 2008

Petie + Vet =

DISASTER! On Friday, Petie needed to go to the vet. His eyes were weepy, and the third eyelid was visible. I thought it was just a kitty cold, but.... i wanted to make sure.
I do not have a kitty carrier. (DUH!), so I put a dog leash on Petie, and a death grip hold and mom and I ventured to the vet's. Not so bad, Petie was actually good in the car, he just stood on my lap. (good kitty).
Enter the vet....
since I did not have a carrier, one of the techs put him in a room, so I could fill out the paper work. Mom offered to wait in the room with him. I bring him in, unhook the leash, and walk out. A few moments later I am ready to go sit with him. I look through the little glass piece in the door, and mom just pointed up. Huh? So I look up, and sure enough, there is Petie, perched on the top of the cabinets.-looking all kinds of pissed off, let me add.
I open the door, and went to the counter. I called him and patted the counter, and he came down from his perch. (Good kitty.)
as soon as my back was turned, He hopped right back up to where he was. (bad kitty)
The tech comes in with a step stool to reach him. (apparently not everyone is 9 feet tall like me) so I sit and watch. As she climbs up, petie's ears flatten. I mean, I did not know ears could get that flat. As she reaches for him, he rolls backward, into the corner of the wall, so he is hard to get. (bad kitty) she gets the scruff of his neck, and is sliding him foreword so she can get a better grip on him, bring him down to the counter and take some vitals. I hear this noise, this low guttural growl. Yup, it came from Petie.(bad kitty) MY PETIE. My sweet, bird catching, mouse hunting Petie. Now only did he growl at the tech, but he hissed and spit and I think he would have tried to smack her, but since she had his scruff, he was not able to move the arms real well.she plops his chubby butt on the scale. He weighed in at 10.14. Yowza. Fat thing. all the while, he is growling at her. She decides she has all the information she needs, and she leaves. I think that I can bring some type of comfort to my recently violated kitty, I pick him up and move to the chair I was sitting at. He hissed. He spit. He dug the ever lovin snot out of my hand. I released him off my lap and he jumped up on the counter, just as the vet came in.
If petie thought he was violated before, he was in for a HUGE surprise as far as what would happen next. The tech (a less timid one) came in with the vet. She was trying to hold him still so the vet could look in his mouth. (mistake, big mistake) Petie turned in to a fuzzy chain saw. All the while growling, hissing, spitting, and smacking at anything he can reach.(bad, bad kitty) The tech releases him, and the vet is trying to soothingly talk to him (he was giving her a furry middle finger...)
the tech comes back in, this time, armed with Kevlar gloves. You know, the kind that they use when going after wild dogs? Police training? yup. those. She puts them on, and tries to hold Petie. (activate chainsaw mode again) she leaves the room, and comes back with a towel. They throw that over Petie so he can "hide", all that did was provide him some further ambush.... he is holding him, and out come two buzz saws. scratching and growling... (bad, bad kitty). The tech made a move, and he got her again. this time he snagged her shirt. Now, Petie is on the counter, under the towel, one arm hooked into her shirt, the other one looking for something else to snag. Now, at this point I feel like I should do something to help the already bleeding tech. (he got her arm)I stand up, and walk to where said chainsaws were poking out. now, I know he is thoroughly pissed, and will strike me as, well, so I stretch my arm out, and push her shirt down away from the claw and run for cover. They finish with him, then tech leaves and the vet tries to talk to me over a VERY angry, growly Petie. I asked her if I could have a cardboard box carrier that they had, since there was NO WAY I was going with in a foot of him. The Kevlar clad tech brought in the box, set one very pissed off kitty inside and closed the lid. (phew).
it all boils down to... Petie has a kitty cold. And we found out he has a split personality!


Newstampinaddict said...

I know I shouldn't laugh and encourage Petie's behavior...but... dang..that's rather amusing.

Since it wasn't me!

JenMarie said...

LOL! This is how it is w/ Mia at the vet!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Petie! It was very very funny seeing your mother in such a panic! You are usually the sweetest kittie, you have the right to get pissed if you want.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMBO!!! Way to go Petie! Showing them who is boss. My dogs LOVE to go to the vet. The girls there love on them. When Fenway had his surgery, I don't think he was in the recovery room at all. He was in their laps being loved on the whole day.

Anonymous said...