Friday, November 7, 2008

I went

to the grocery store, for the fourth time this week... I needed milk and such. Anyhow I have the two little ones with me, and we went home. I get them in the house and I had a few bags in my hand. I go outside to finish taking it the est of the bags. Kimberly came to the door and called my name, so I reached into the back of the truck with out looking. All that was in ther ewas groceries, right? WRONG! It kind of startled me when i put my hand into something fuzzy. Crap, now what? I jumped and yanked my hand out, just too see Petie sitting on his hind feet, with his paws on the back of the hatch. He jumped into the truck when we went inside. (I forgot he was out there)<>
This was almost as funny to see, as him jumping in the pile of leaves I raked up. I swear he is NOT a cat. he is alien... or somethin'....