Wednesday, November 5, 2008

so, I was

making my homemade pasta sauce tonight. I make it from scratch. Well, ok not like Patti does with the smushing and cooking of tomatoes, and all. I buy the ingredients and then go from there. Yet I digress. I had spaghetti for dinner with the newly made sauce, and while cleaning off the dining room table, I came across Kimberly's new barbie. It didn't belong on the table, so I tossed it on the couch. Fast foreword to dinner clean up and now time to process the jars of sauce, I walk into the living room, on my way to get a dish towel, and this was the site I see:
Lover boy and his new dream girl~! Looks like he has her right where he wants her!

14 Quarts and 3 pints of sauce later, I am sitting with my feet up. petie and his new girl are in his crack den down in the basement, currently toes up form the cat nip high. it's good to be the king, no?