Friday, November 7, 2008

there are not

many days left, that the leaves will ACTUALLY be on the trees. For the time being, I will enjoy it. We walk home from school almost every day, and today, there was a spot I saw that I just had to stop and take pics of the kids. It was this really pretty maple tree, which was a great shade of gold. If my children were darker, it would have been stunning. by darker, I mean hair color. The little n=boy I watch had dark hair, and his pics came out great.
Yet I digress.
In other mundane-ness, this would mark the first day, that Kimberly has left her socks on ALL day. Shaking my head, b/c she is usually barefoot the minute she gets in the door. goofy kid. Tonight, I made brownies, nestlie toll house pie and dinner. Well, ok, I make dinner EVERY nite, so tonight was no different. Dana is going to pick up ice cream on his way home. YUM.
Tomorrow, we are having dinner with Keith, Jen and Phil. I made my sauce the other day, so we are having "Italian night"- I will make chicken parm, we will have meat balls, sausage, short ribs and eggs in the sauce. Gluttony all around. Maybe I'll save some pie for then.... NAAAAAAHHHHHHH.
Hope your weekend is filled with yummy goodness! :)
And, what post would be complete with out at least a pic of Petie??