Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The story of Petie

Many of you know how Petie came into our lives, but some of you don't. I thought perhaps I should share our story, as I think it is sort of special, not the typical "i got this kitty at a breeder, or a petshop, or some kid at kmart was giving them away" kind of story.
in October of 2006, my FIL suddenly passed away. October 3. :( It was unseasonably cold up in the poconos then, probably in the 40's. Not the norm, even for the artic tundra up there. When we buried my FIL, it way a cold, blustry day. As we were standing graveside, infront of the casket, this beat up Monarch butterfly flew (rather warbly like) to the flowers and he stayed there. It did not leave, until we all did. Odd, but it was colder than blazes, maybe it was seeking shelter from the wind?
fast foreward a year, to 2007, october 3.
I find Petie, under Dh's firebird. I pick him up (ok, there was a long process, to extraxt said kitty from the back axle, and a 6 ft woman shimming UNDER said firebird to rescue said kitty but that is a story in of its self) ANYHOW, I gave him some milk, and fed him, and I sat on the deck cuddling with him, the whole time trying not to get attached, because I was not so sure that dh would be very receptive to add another kitty to the three we had. Ok, so as I said, I was sitting there petting him, and inbetween he and I a beat up, Monarch butterfly flew, rather warbly like. I looked up at the sky and I said "all right dad, I get it, we're keeping the cat." So, there it is, the story of how Petie barged into our lives. (He's been barging ever since) lol.
he is dozing next to me, rather happy, since I just gave him some cat food (from the can) which he never gets, but needs for his medicine.
I have enough stoires of Petie to write a book. lol- anyone ho owns at cat- scratch that, any cat that ons a human has enough stories to fill a book.....
p.s.- when he was little, you could radio Moscow with those ears!