Monday, December 1, 2008

Let the Frenzy begin...

so Thanks giving is over. One large 23 pound bird and a house full of comapny later, I am ready for the Christmas season. This was kicked off for me, by shopping on Black friday. I love watching all the insane people out there on that one day. I got up at 4:15 a.m. (yes, that time DOES exist, and I saw it) and I was very amused to get my sister and my nephew up at that hour. (they are NOT morning people). I kept referring to it as "fun friday", since black friday seemed a bit harsh. lol
Dana played at a bar called "Big Heads" on Saturday, and on SUnday, we put up some decorations. The trains are up and running in full force. They look cool, and the kids are thrilled for them to be up and running. I put up all 80 gagillion nutcrackers I have. As much as I joke about having so many (thanks Mom) I actually like them. They do look kind of cool. I for get the exact number, I lost count after 90. They have become a tradition in our home, and the kids get excited seeing them come out every year. what are your traditions?


Anonymous said...

Shopping on Christmas Eve, having supper at Long John Silvers, coming home wrapping presents and getting ready for Santa. Cooking all kinds of seafood and decorating the tree (sorry, this year there will be no decorating, tree has been up all year; possibly change some of the decorations or add new ones) wrapping the nutcracker I annually get for Stuffie, along with newyear nutcracker, valentine nutcracker, easter nutcracker [yes, she does have bunny nutcrackers] and loving the snow and presents. Love the season!

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