Sunday, December 7, 2008

so, what do you get, when

you take a fat,lazy,freshly woken up from an afternoon slumber kitty, and a bunch of birdies out for an afternoon lunch? Stuck... LOL. Yup. Petie woke up from his snooze and ypwled at the door. We let him out, since it was afterall, the afternoon. He spied the birds in the tree, on the feeder. He did the whole hiney wiggle, get ready to attack stance (but his bloomers kept wiggling, long after the hiney stopped. Obviously, he hasn't called Jenny yet). With skill and grace, to charged at and scaled the tree. Rather well, I might add. He was after those twittering little birds. I think he thought he was going to get a snack. What did he get? Bark up in his manicure. lol He kept climbing. and climbing. We stood at the front door, and watched. Then he stopped. There was a chickadee flying around him, giving him what for, for disturbing her lunch.( apparently she has not met petie-turned-chain-saw ) or those of you who have not been to my house, know that the arbor you see in the photo is about 7 feet below the tree branch where Petie is perched. (I never claimed my cat was smart. Funny, outrageous, and a *bit* tempermental, but never smart) This is where the hubs and I shook our heads, and called him a dumb ass and waited for him to try and come down, with out breaking his little petie neck. I am suprised that the branch held all 11 lbs of him, and did not strain under the weight.